Guard against false safety accidents at construction sites

Not long ago, read a message: a unit to replace the air pipeline. Several crane operators are commanding the crane to lift on the ground. The crane workers wear safety helmets according to the operation requirements. Unfortunately, it happened: the cable of the crane suddenly broke, and one end of the long pipeline was heavily hit on the head of a crane worker who was holding a safety helmet because his eyes were covered by a safety helmet, causing the crane worker to die on the spot

while regretting our lives, we should also reflect deeply: Nowadays, all units are constantly revising and improving all kinds of safety laws and regulations, constantly strengthening all kinds of safety management measures, and increasing the investigation and prevention of potential safety risks, but major safety accidents such as personal injury and death still occur from time to time. After careful analysis of the root causes of these accidents, it is not difficult to find that many of them are confused by a kind of “safety” illusion…

imagine that if the crane worker didn’t block his sight because of the safety helmet, didn’t think he was very safe wearing the safety helmet, maybe he was in the moment when the pipeline fell, The afterglow of his eyes and instinctive reaction may make him avoid death in time. 1f colleagues around you have more awareness of prevention, you can help them at a critical moment. 1f they are engaged in dangerous operations, they can conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of the surrounding environment. We should not be confused by the appearance of “safety” and be vigilant at all times. 1t won’t lead to this accident. 1n our work, we should not only keep a clear mind at all times, but also often remind “confused people” that “1 don’t hurt myself, 1 don’t hurt others. After “1 won’t be hurt by others”, add “1 won’t let people around me be hurt”. 1n this way, the safety accidents around us will be greatly reduced

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