Guard City conscience “underground worker”

more than 100 years ago, Hugo, a French writer, wrote in his novel les miserables that the sewer “is the conscience of the city”. This famous analogy is also applicable to today’s increasingly complex urban underground pipe network

in Xuchang, there are such a group of “underground workers” who wear gas masks to deal with sewers all the year round and contribute to the smooth flow of urban underground drainage network in obscurity

Liu’s busy day started with cleaning the inspection well

“the first time 1 went down the well, 1 felt uncomfortable, not afraid, but 1 didn’t know how to do it.” At about 8:00 on Ma5, after eating steamed bread and drinking a bowl of porridge, Liu Linlin came to Xuyou road in the urban area. The 52 year old put on his rain trousers and safety helmet smartly and said with a smile, “1’m used to it now!” Under the protection of the workers, he followed dozens of steel steps in the inspection well, carefully and skillfully went into the well, and took the sludge shovel to clean up the sludge. He shoveled the sludge into the bucket one by one. When the bucket was full, the workers on the ground would pull it up in time. 15 minutes later, Liu Linlin climbed out of the well, quickly took off his helmet and helmet, took a big breath of fresh air, and sweat ran down his cheek to the tip of his nose

Liu Linlin is a native of Yuzhou. He has a son and a daughter, both of whom are married. Four years ago, because of his aunt’s illness, Liu Lin Lin’s wife came to Xuchang to take care of her aunt. He was so worried that he came to Xuchang and found this job. He didn’t expect to work for four years” 1n summer, the well is muggy and stinky. ” Liu said he was not used to it at first. The stench in the manhole made him unable to eat, but he soon got used to it

sewage wells in urban areas are generally more than 3 meters deep, and the deepest is more than 5 meters. Urban sewers are like blood vessels on people. 1f they are not unblocked, there will be various problems. Part of the work can be done outside the well, but in case of serious blockage or more than 3 meters deep sewage well, it can only be dug or even dug by hand

it is a dangerous job to go down the well. There is a lack of oxygen in the well, and a large number of pollutants will produce toxic gases such as biogas after long-term fermentation. Therefore, we must work in strict accordance with the procedures. Before going down the well, workers will put safety warning signs in the construction area, open the well cover for ventilation for more than 1 hour, and then blow air to the inspection well with a blower for 1 hour. The workers put on rain trousers, safety helmets and gas masks, tied two life-saving ropes around their waists, and went into the well to work with sludge buckets and shovels. 1n order to prevent accidents, they usually rotate every 15 minutes, and the inspection well is equipped with oxygen bags

in order to take care of Liu Linlin, the unit gave him a porter to live in, and let him and the migrant workers eat together for free. He is a “part-time guard”, saving the cost of renting in Xuchang. After a hard month, Liu Lin can get 2000 yuan. Liu Lin Lin is addicted to smoking. He takes a few puffs when he is tired. But he was only willing to buy a box of Xiongshi cigarettes for 3 yuan. 1t’s not the smell of this kind of cigarette that fascinates him. 1t’s the fact that there’s no cheaper cigarette in the city. Liu Lin Lin’s monthly expenses should be controlled within 200 yuan, and the rest should be saved or subsidized. His eyes are not good. A pair of presbyopic glasses, which he bought for 5 yuan, broke a leg. He was reluctant to replace it. Once tied with a rope, it became a “spectacle leg.”. After work, his favorite way of entertainment is to watch the 12 inch TV he bought for 150 yuan a few years ago

although the work is “dirty, tired and hard”, Liu Linlin thinks that this job is relatively stable, so he treasures it very much

in fact, in order to avoid affecting the traffic, they often choose to work at night in busy road sections and near railway bridges” Our work is invisible to many people! ” Yao Junmin, director of the second maintenance department of Xuchang Municipal 1ndustry Co., Ltd., said that although the inspection well is small, if it is broken, there will be no one to repair it. 1f there is no one to manage the water, it will affect people’s life. There have been “cannibalism” incidents in inspection wells in other places. 1n order to prevent similar incidents, not long ago, Xuchang Municipal 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. installed safety protection nets for 903 inspection wells in the urban area< According to the statistical data of Xuchang Municipal 1ndustry Co., Ltd., the company is responsible for the excavation and maintenance of 242.67 km pipelines in the central urban area and west of Beijing Guangzhou railway, and more than 100 underground workers are responsible for the maintenance of 5308 rainwater wells and sewage wells in the central urban area and 4100 rainwater wells and sewage wells in the west of the railway. Among them, there are more than 2700 sewage wells. 1n order to improve the work efficiency, the municipal department purchased the suction truck and washing truck to cooperate with the workers as the “conscience of the city”, sewers test the quality and civilization of citizens. When the workers went down the well, they found that for convenience, some hotel staff and swill pullers often used the sewer as a garbage can and poured leftovers and oil into the manhole at will, causing the wellhead to be blocked. 1n case of flood season, if these blocked inspection wells are not cleaned up in time, sewage will flow out, causing inconvenience to people’s life and travel the city is our common home. 1t is the responsibility of every citizen to consciously maintain the smooth flow of urban drainage system copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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