Guide enterprises to make good use of trade facilitation policies Nantong customs helps Rudong labor protection glove transformation

on March 29, the head of Nantong customs led the heads of relevant departments to Rudong to publicize policies and regulations, guide the labor protection glove enterprises to strengthen internal management, make good use of customs policies, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

as the processing and export base of labor protection gloves in Rudong, there are 107 enterprises in the county, 23 normal self operated export enterprises, and the export is 210 million US dollars

this year is the key year for the reform of fast customs clearance. According to the credit status and risk level of enterprises, the customs will treat them differently and implement classified customs clearance. Among them, AA, class A and other high credit enterprises enjoy low inspection rate and fast clearance; However, for high-risk enterprises such as class C and class D, the inspection rate is high

the export of Rudong labor protection gloves accounts for 22% of Rudong’s total export, which is an important characteristic industry of Rudong. However, Rudong labor protection glove industry has only three A-class enterprises in the customs classification, and there are no double A-class enterprises, which means that most enterprises have no chance of fast customs clearance, which has a certain impact on enterprises’ increasing exports, transformation and upgrading

the relevant responsible person of Nantong customs exchanged with 15 key export enterprises of labor protection gloves, interpreted the fast customs clearance reform policy, and guided the enterprises to seriously study the relevant provisions of processing trade, so as to obtain class A or above high credit as soon as possible and enjoy the convenience of customs clearance

reporter Tang Xiaofeng intern Wang Chengyu

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