guiding bureau strengthens the distribution management of first aid kits to ensure the supply of materials for business expansion

1n the middle of July, guiding power supply bureau vigorously strengthened the distribution management of first aid kits, fully ensured the supply of materials for the Bureau’s business expansion, and effectively promoted the growth of load electricity

it is reported that since July, the first aid kit industry of the Bureau has expanded its material supply, and some of the expanded materials are often not available. 1n particular, three-phase multi-functional electronic meters and single-phase watt hour meters are often in short supply due to the fact that they need to be verified by the Regional Bureau after leaving the factory and the large demand of each brother County Bureau. 1n this case, the material storage and distribution station of the Bureau actively tried to find ways to strengthen the first aid kit distribution management. First, it actively communicated with the regional bureau to expand the inventory of materials, and realized dynamic replenishment for the categories of materials whose reserve quota was at the lower limit and the red light was on; The second is to track and query the first aid kit inventory of each power supply station in real time, and track and transfer the emergency materials in real time

as of the press day, 117 vehicles have been delivered to the first aid kit warehouse by the Bureau, and 1917 enterprises have been supplied for the industry expansion project, including 1610 residents and 307 power users. During this period, there were many resettlement and containerization users, such as 22 residents in gaoxiaozhai new village of Xinxi Town, 3 power users, 55 consolidation stone slab resettlement households in Yanshan Town, and 34 resettlement households in changhuba village of Changming town

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