Guo Fuying: no accident is the biggest reward

“1f one’s life disappears, one’s family will be destroyed. Safety is the prerequisite for family reunion. Only when one’s” safety “can one’s family be” whole. “. As long as there are no casualties, it is the biggest reward for us. ” This is Guo Fuying’s professional ethics for 26 years. She is the first generation female worker’s assistant manager of Wangzhuang mine in Lu’an

Guo Fuying used to be a family member of a miner. She was simple and kind-hearted, but now she is 64 years old. She still has a clear idea about the responsibilities of safety management: when she first started work, it was the Mid Autumn Festival in 1987, when the family members of the miner were trained as safety management assistants. 1 went to listen to them when 1 was idle at home. 1 felt that this work was too important, and the main tasks of safety management assistants were “three concerns, one responsibility, one responsibility and one responsibility” At first, Guo Fuying’s safety assistance and education was obligatory, without salary or bonus. As long as there were no casualties every month, they felt that it was the biggest reward. However, there are also times when Guo Fuying’s face is hot and her butt is cold. When it comes to helping and educating people at home, some people are not allowed to live in the door. Some people take the 1nternet security certificate and throw it directly into the garbage can. At first, Guo Fuying’s heart is very bad, but when you think about it again, their lax and indifferent spirit is not a potential safety hazard? My job is to change their minds. 1n this way, Guo Fuying has been working for more than 20 years with great strength

in addition, Guo Fuying and her companions also need to buy insoles for the miners every year, make dumplings and zongzi for the underground workers during the Spring Festival, and pay their own money to buy eggs for the underground workers. Although she was old, she couldn’t help telling the young people who worked underground whether they were familiar or unfamiliar. Guo Fuying said that safety has become her own occupational disease

at Guo Fuying’s home, a piece of paper is kept by her like a baby, folded square and pressed flat. Guo Fuying said that this is a safety education leaflet of Wangzhuang mine in 1990, which is also my “heirloom”, and 1 will keep it. This slightly yellowing leaflet confirms Guo Fuying’s full feelings for security assistance and education

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