Guo Hongwei: an expert “gold medal worker”

profile: Guo Hongwei, rooted in the production line of electrolytic aluminum for 15 years, has been an electrolytic worker at the grass-roots level, concentrating on his post and technology. Starting from the most basic furnace operators, he led the electrolytic workers to carry out the “three degree optimization” test, and successfully started 120 electrolytic cells; The experiment of “multi parameter balance” control technology is successful, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the electrolytic cell, and the comprehensive power consumption of aluminum ingot is reduced to 13400kwh / t.al, reaching the domestic front end. He has become one of the main backbones of technological innovation in the company’s electrolytic aluminum plant, making outstanding contributions to the technological output of China’s aluminum industry and energy saving and consumption reduction of the company’s electrolytic aluminum

ingenuity perception: Heaven is healthy, a gentleman should be self-improvement! Now that you have made your choice, you should do it well and do it in a good way

after graduating from University, he came to the front line of electrolytic aluminum production and became an electrolytic worker; He applied for the post of engineer and still carried out the operation of “finding the bottom of the groove”; He went abroad with his technology and contributed to the country’s position in the world’s strong forest of aluminum electrolysis technology; He overcame the technical difficulties and saved 8 million yuan a year for the electrolytic aluminum plant… He is Guo Hongwei, the chief engineer of the electrolytic aluminum plant of Guangxi Branch of Chalco< The middle-sized Guo Hongwei stands out in the crowd, because he is too thin, his thin face has prominent cheekbones, his eyes are bright, and his hair can't stand the delay of years “ordinary people can’t understand how hard electrolysis is.” Guo Hongwei told the author that only the labor protection equipment worn in the operation is very heavy. 4 kg of steel plate labor protection shoes, nearly 2 kg of “pig nose” protective mask, special work clothes, safety helmet and gloves add up to at least 10 kg” When 1 first took part in the work, 1 wore these equipment to watch the master operate. After a class, 1 was very tired. “ after graduating from university in 1999, Guo Hongwei was looking forward to working in Pingguo Aluminum, which is famous at home and abroad. Before he registered, he had imagined his work scene countless times: designing a plan in front of the computer, analyzing data in the main control room, or dispatching production by remote control… The imagination is very beautiful, but the reality is very different. After arriving at Pingguo Aluminum, Guo Hongwei wore thick work clothes and heavy insulating boots every day. Together with his colleagues, he repeated the heavy and boring work of touching the bottom of the tank, fishing for carbon residue and changing anode it’s extremely hot in Guangxi in summer, so it’s hard to stay in the house. Every day, Guo Hongwei has to work beside the electrolytic cell with a high temperature of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius, coupled with the hard working environment of dust and magnetic field, so he was confused. But at this time, Pingguo Aluminum successfully conquered 300 kA aluminum electrolysis technology in 1999. The news quickly spread all over the world, and experts and scholars came to study in an endless stream” The 300 kA electrolyzer represented the world’s top level at that time. For me, who studied smelting and just stepped on the job, 1 was both surprised and envied. ” Guo Hongwei said in order to understand the structure and principle of the electrolyzer, Guo Hongwei often climbed to the top of the hot and dirty electrolyzer to study the structure and operation principle of the equipment. Although he was almost choked by the smoke, he never gave up. 1n order to replace the anode carbon block, he faced 960 ℃ electrolyte and baked it for half an hour beside the electrolyzer. After a workflow, he was sweating Ruan Xinglong, director of the electrolytic process of the electrolytic aluminum plant, said: “Guo Hongwei is a manager who grew up from a college student. 1t is commendable that he can bend down and fully integrate into the daily production operation of aluminum electrolysis. When he was an operation assistant, he insisted on changing the poles of four electrolyzers every day for a long time, and endured the baking of molten aluminum flame at nearly 1000 ℃ for a long time. His operation level was “baked” in this way< After years of accumulation, in 2013, Guo Hongwei and his team successfully solved the key problems of large steel bar "double balance" energy-saving electrolyzer and high-energy consumption cell technology, which has become something he has always been proud of “electrolytic aluminum has always been a high energy consumption industry with high production cost. 1 always want to overcome this problem.” Guo Hongwei said with a smile, “the key of this technology is to use new materials to keep the electrolyzer warm, so that more heat can be retained in the electrolyzer for production. However, too much insulation material should not be added. Too much insulation material will lead to leakage of electrolyzer, which can seriously lead to the collapse of the whole production line and cause great economic losses. How to achieve the double balance of thermal insulation and safety has become the difficulty of this technology. ” He introduced to the author “team members and 1 take turns guarding the two test electrolyzers around the clock.” He broke his heart when he recalled that he had been experimenting with this technology for half a year. When on duty, he would go to two test electrolyzers every hour to measure data. Even after work, he would call the members on duty from time to time to understand the situation. After more than half a year of testing, this technology has passed the safety assessment and made a great contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction of the company, saving a total of 8 million yuan for the electrolytic aluminum plant due to Guo Hongwei’s excellent technology, all the “difficult and miscellaneous problems” in production technology can be solved. From 2006 to 2012, the experts of hepingo aluminum electrolysis went to 1ndia’s two aluminum enterprises for five times to carry out technical assistance work. 1n the performance assessment, the current efficiency of 94.18% and the DC power consumption of 13401kwh / t.al were highly affirmed by 1ndia, 1t has made outstanding contributions to China’s aluminum industry technology successfully going abroad and occupying a place in the world’s aluminum electrolysis technology in 2006, 1ndia’s BALCO aluminum company was shut down in a large area due to power failure. 1ndian workers had an explosion accident in the process of processing, and Guo Hongwei also saw the explosion site” From the mobile phone video recorded by 1ndian workers, we can see that when the molten aluminum splashes out, it’s like setting off firecrackers, and the whole workshop is full of sparks. ” Describing the scene at that time left him with lingering fear and deep memory. This also made him realize the importance of safety in production. After foreign aid, the first thing he did after returning to the company was to work out a detailed emergency plan with his workers based on his experience in dealing with abnormal and emergency situations in BALCO Aluminum Company of 1ndia, and impart his experience to other workers Tang Yuesong, the old monitor of Guo Hongwei, recalled: “when he had time, he would read a technical book and turn a blue book on electrolytic aluminum technology to pieces; He also likes to take notes of his work, and he can take notes wherever he goes… Guo Hongwei brought his habit of taking notes of his work to 1ndia. “ inheriting the “craftsman spirit” and the team “letting a hundred flowers blossom” it is craftsman spirit that stands up the backbone of Chinalco” Heaven is healthy, a gentleman should be strong! Now that you have made your choice, you should do it well and do it in a good way! ” Today’s Guo Hongwei is a real “gold medal worker” at this time, he turned his eyes to his younger colleagues. 1n his eyes, it’s really good to have a good team. 1n 2013, with the support of the labor union of Guangxi Branch of Chalco, the “Hongwei model worker and gold medal worker 1nnovation Studio” named after Guo Hongwei was established. All members of the 1nnovation Studio take “inheriting skills, scientific and technological innovation, building elites and improving management” as the guiding ideology to carry out mentoring, technological research and technological innovation activities from him, we can see not only his morality as an elder, but also his morality as an engineer. 1n the past three years, the studio has carried out 36 training sessions on electrolytic aluminum technology, with 1000 person times participating in the training. 1t has trained 10 gold medal workers, technicians and 12 young aluminum electrolysis technology experts. These technology experts go to the national electrolytic aluminum plants and foreign electrolytic companies for technology output. They use their superb skills and professional knowledge to increase profits for the company, 1t fully reflects the good effect of talent elite team. Guo Hongwei has successively presided over and participated in more than 10 technological transformation and scientific research projects, participated in the research and application of dozens of new technologies and new processes, and solved more than 50 production technical problems large and small. Huang Weihuo, Guo Hongwei’s apprentice, was awarded the gold medal worker in 2013 by the company. Tang Wei, his apprentice, was among the best in all kinds of technical competitions. He was assigned to aluminum plants at home and abroad for technical exchange and guidance for many times, and was praised by all manufacturers continuous innovation and selfless enterprising are the shortcut to Guo Hongwei’s success. Now he has become a gold medal worker worthy of the name, and electrolytic aluminum has become a part of his life

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