Hainan will check urban gas safety, focusing on fire fighting equipment

Hainan will launch the “safety production month” activity of construction system in 2014 from June 1 to 30 to carry out safety inspection on construction and urban gas. This reporter learned from Hainan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development on May 13

in the near future, Hainan will carry out the quality and safety inspection of indemnificatory housing projects, focusing on the spot check of deep foundation pit, high formwork, scaffold, lifting machinery and equipment, and the safety management of high risk. At the same time, combined with 28 inspections, the fire safety inspection of construction sites was carried out, focusing on the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system and the allocation of fire-fighting equipment at construction sites; All departments should be urged to increase publicity, inspection frequency and supervision before flood season, and conscientiously organize and carry out all-round, multi-level, wide-ranging and wide coverage inspection before typhoon and flood season< On June 16, the departments of housing and urban rural development of all cities and counties will set up gas information desks in squares with large flow of people, arrange publicity display boards, broadcast gas safety knowledge and accident cases on site, distribute gas safety knowledge and other related publicity materials, and organize and carry out gas safety knowledge publicity activities in communities, Carry out gas safety law enforcement inspection activities and gas accident emergency plan exercise activities our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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