Haining City releases 2014 special equipment key monitoring list

Recently, Haining City has issued the “notice on the comprehensive inspection unit of special equipment in 2014” and “notice on the key monitoring of special equipment in 2014”. Haining Hualong Wire 1ndustry Co., Ltd. and other 210 units were listed as the comprehensive inspection units of special equipment in 2014, and Haining Hotel Co., Ltd. and other 42 users’ 174 sets of special equipment were listed as the key monitoring special equipment in Haining City in 2014

this year, according to the actual situation of the city’s special equipment development, the two categories of lists were determined. First of all, due to the growth of the number of special equipment, the number of comprehensive inspection units and key monitoring equipment this year has increased compared with previous years. From the perspective of structure, with the progress of urbanization and the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, the proportion of high-speed elevators in key monitoring equipment is also significantly increased, while the proportion of boilers is correspondingly reduced

this year, with the implementation of the special equipment safety law of the people’s Republic of China, the city’s special equipment supervision work pays more attention to the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety, emphasizing the responsibility of enterprise safety management system construction, organization setting, personnel training, etc. At the same time, the “safety law” has increased the penalties for illegal activities, increased the cost of illegal activities, and forced enterprises to do a good job in the safety of special equipment

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