Haiwen: the shoe industry does not have to be transformed and upgraded

“even traditional shoe-making enterprises do not have to participate in the transformation and upgrading.” At 2 p.m. on September 20, at the Summit Forum on “China’s economic trend and Wenzhou’s future” held in the Great Hall of the people in Wenzhou, Professor Haiwen, vice president of Peking University, said a surprising word, which injected a sobering agent into Wenzhou’s shoe enterprises that are trying to transform and upgrade collectively

“whether an enterprise participates in the transformation and upgrading depends on its own needs, rather than turning around collectively regardless of the needs.” Facing the urgency and desire of Wenzhou entrepreneurs’ transformation and upgrading, Haiwen put forward its own unique views. Haiwen warned Wenzhou entrepreneurs that they must keep a cool head, instead of participating in the wave of transformation and upgrading all at once, giving up their original advantageous industries and blindly entering unfamiliar fields. This is a risky behavior

Wenzhou is known as the “shoe capital of China”. However, due to the instability of foreign trade, the rise of raw materials and the rising cost of human resources caused by the financial storm, the profit of Wenzhou’s shoe industry, which originally had only “blade profit”, is thinner, and its development has also encountered bottlenecks. Therefore, not only the Wenzhou government is actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou’s economy, Almost all Wenzhou shoe enterprise owners are also busy with “transformation and upgrading”. 1n the face of the “collective” transformation and upgrading situation of Wenzhou shoe enterprises, Haiwen reminds Wenzhou entrepreneurs that Wenzhou shoe enterprises do not necessarily have to transform and upgrade. Even if they want to transform, entrepreneurs should also analyze whether it is too low-level or too low-end. Entrepreneurs should have a clear understanding of their products and carry out necessary equipment renewal and market expansion according to their own needs

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