Haiyan: standardizing the phenomenon of “busy work” in garment industry

recently, the author learned from the local tax bureau of Haiyan County that since April this year, Haiyan County has officially launched a special action to regulate the phenomenon of “busy work”. According to statistics, since the implementation of the county’s special action to regulate “busy work” to the end of June, the local tax department has added 147 tax registration households of clothing enterprises, including 127 individual businesses and 20 enterprises with sole proprietorship or above, which has promoted the standardized and orderly development of the clothing industry

the temporary employment of enterprises in garment production industry is commonly known as “busy work”. Since last year, with the aggravation of insufficient recruitment of garment enterprises in Haiyan County and fierce competition of skilled lathe workers, the phenomenon of using “busy workers” has changed from individual to common, from short-term “busy workers” to annual “busy workers”, and from individual “busy workers” to nearly 100 person group “busy workers”

focus on joint law enforcement. According to the unified deployment of the county Party committee and the county government, the County Local Taxation Bureau actively cooperates with the county economic and trade, labor, industry and commerce, safety supervision, national taxation and other relevant departments to timely carry out joint law enforcement actions in Tongyuan, Yucheng, Xitangqiao, development zone and other towns (districts) where the phenomenon of “busy work” is more common. Through the extensive promotion of tax law and the standardization of unlicensed operation, we should guide the legitimate production and operation of “unlicensed workshops” and “busy workers”. Comprehensively collect the relevant productive indicators such as workers, equipment and electricity consumption of individual garment manufacturers as the basis of tax quota, accurately check the turnover of individual garment manufacturers, pay taxes (Fees) according to law, and promote the fairness of tax burden

grasp the standard by category. On the basis of comprehensive investigation of garment enterprises and garment processing places within the jurisdiction of relevant departments, the behavior of “busy work” is standardized according to different situations. For the “busy workers” who belong to the category of individual businesses, through multi-channel publicity, urge them to handle business license and tax registration, and bring them into the normal management of tax authorities; 1n order to effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of workers, we should standardize the temporary workers recruited by enterprises to complete the surprise and emergency production tasks according to the corresponding tax policies and social security policies

follow up management should be normal. We should guide garment production enterprises to carry out production and operation activities in a standardized and orderly manner, and encourage them to grasp the transformation direction of the garment industry, so as to make it bigger, stronger and more standardized. Using the joint management platform of state, local tax and industry and commerce, the employment of enterprises will be included in the normal tax collection and management. The abnormal garment enterprises involved in arrears of taxes and fees were transferred to special management households and abnormal management households for management, and the unlicensed households and tax evasion households were organized to be cleaned up, so as to block the phenomenon of tax evasion. 1n addition, in view of the characteristics of the clothing industry, such as “low season” and “peak season”, scientific and humanized management measures are taken to actively create a harmonious environment for tax collection

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