Haizi coal mine of Huaibei mining industry builds health “barrier” for workers

1n recent years, Haizi coal mine of Huaibei mining company has firmly established the concept of “occupational health and safety production are equally important”. 1t takes the prevention and control of occupational diseases as a major concern for the physical and mental health of workers. According to the principle of “prevention first, prevention and control combined”, it takes a variety of measures to reduce and eliminate occupational hazards, and builds an indestructible health “barrier” for workers

the mine has established an occupational health work leading group with the mine manager as the first responsible person, and a full-time staff team composed of safety mine manager, operation mine manager and safety supervision director, which is specifically responsible for the prevention and control of occupational diseases. Meanwhile, the annual, quarterly and monthly occupational health work plans have been formulated to implement the occupational health work responsibilities. Monthly regular occupational health special inspection, in-depth to the ground key workshops and underground mining face, on-site supervision and inspection of coal mine dust hazard prevention and control, noise hazard prevention and control, high temperature hazard prevention and control, occupational poisoning hazard prevention and control, etc., through the radio and website to open occupational hazard prevention and control special columns, actively promote the “law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases”, 1t has vigorously created a good atmosphere of “caring for life and paying attention to health”

the mine also actively provides personal occupation hazard protection products for workers, and regularly monitors workplace occupation hazards. Through installation of dustproof curtain, dustproof spray, hole dust removal device, water jet dust removal device, orifice humidifier and cooler, pore closed dust removal and extraction mixer, etc. At the same time, improve the dust prevention technology and equipment, control the dust concentration in strict accordance with the relevant dust prevention system, and optimize the underground operation environment. Establish and improve the occupational health files and labor protection accounts, record the occupational history, occupational hazard exposure history and occupational health status of workers exposed to dust and noise in the whole mine, and dynamically master the health status of workers. 1n addition, cooperate with community hospitals to provide special funds for regular physical examination of workers to ensure their physical and mental health, The implementation of a series of “humanized” occupational hazard prevention measures has built an indestructible health “barrier” for employees

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