Handling nearly 7000 high-risk accidents and rescuing 1600 people

Sanmenxia public security fire brigade has been awarded the second class merit by Sanmenxia municipal government for five consecutive years, the first class merit by the provincial government in 2012, the third class merit by the Ministry of public security in 2013, and the honorary title of “Sanmenxia Fire Guard” by the provincial government. Recently, the political and Legal Committee of Henan provincial Party committee issued a notice calling on the provincial political and legal system to learn from Sanmenxia public security fire brigade

“this army is the mainstay of urban security. 1t has built a city wall to protect people’s lives with its flesh and blood. Where there is danger, there is their shadow. They have made indelible contributions to the safe construction of Sanmenxia.” Yang Shuping, Secretary of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee, said

from dealing with major accidents and disasters to helping people unlock doors and rescue small animals, fire prevention has become a beautiful business card of Sanmenxia City in Henan Province. There is a popular saying among the local people: if you look for fire protection for big things, you have the confidence; if you look for fire protection for small things, you have the guarantee. 6940 and 1600 are two sets of figures that can clearly support the masses. Since 2007, Sanmenxia public security fire officers and soldiers have successfully dealt with more than 6940 high-risk disasters such as fire, explosion, collapse and leakage of dangerous chemicals, and rescued more than 1600 people in danger from various high-risk environments. Local people affectionately call them “life guards”

What touching stories are behind such a group of “life guards”? Reporters have come to Sanmenxia in recent days to listen to their stories(The following contents are all told by the party concerned, arranged by the reporter)

Narrator: Hu Xiaobo post: monitor of Yima brigade, Sanmenxia public security fire brigade key words: protective clothing, beggar’s clothing

1 joined the army at the age of 18, and it has been five years since this year. The collapse of Yichang Bridge on February 1, 2013 was the worst scene of more than 1400 rescues 1 participated in. We were the first rescue team to arrive at the scene. At the scene of the accident, people were crying for help and wailing. The smell of blood, gunpowder and fuel was mixed in the air. Nearly 30 meters deep in the valley, there are broken bridges, broken stones, car wrecks everywhere, and goods on board are scattered around, stacking the trapped people at the bottom layer by layer

there are huge stones hanging around the bridge in mid air, which may fall down at any time, causing secondary damage to the trapped people. We can’t use large-scale demolition and excavation machinery, we can only use manual demolition and expansion equipment to rescue by hand, which makes the rescue more difficult. By the next night, 1 had been working for more than 40 hours with the other two comrades on duty the day before. After the rescue and subsequent clean-up work, we went back to the car. When 1 went, the neatly dressed protective clothing had rotted into “beggar’s clothes”. The protective gloves were the most seriously broken, and the dried blood stains on them stuck the gloves on my hands. 1 don’t regret choosing this profession. 1 am a soldier. When people need me, 1 will be in the front

Narrator: Wang Lei position: squad leader of the special service squadron of Sanmenxia public security fire brigade key words: meet the God of death for four hours

1 have served in the special service squadron for the seventh year. The duty of the special service squadron is to deal with major disasters and dangerous situations. Dancing with the God of death is my job

the Zhongyuan Gold Smelter on July 9, 2011 is a red cloud and thick smoke from afar. The heat wave can be felt 20 or 30 meters away from the plant. We are facing death in the plant. More than 300 tons of kerosene, 30% concentration of sodium cyanide solution and three cesium 137 radioactive sources may devour my comrades and me at any time

my team and 1 are on the first line of defense against cesium 137. 1f the first line of defense is broken, the consequences will be unimaginable, and the whole fire fighting plan will fail

the picture of the nurse washing my eyes has been circulating on the 1nternet for a long time. At that time, 1 persisted in the first line of defense for nearly four hours. Later, 1 fainted due to serious physical overdraft, and my comrades in arms sent me to the hospital. He stayed in the hospital for two weeks before he recovered and returned to the team. Now the eyes will feel astringent when they blow

this year is the last year of my service as a second sergeant. After that, 1 will choose to change my career. When 1 have a family, my wife and less than one year old son have become my concerns. 1 am worried that when 1 am in danger again, my comrades in arms will not be able to trust me with my back because of my concerns

Narrator: Li Xifeng identity: Sanmenxia fire publicity volunteer (paper cutting artist) key words: Volunteer grid

1 am 80 years old, and 1 have been a fire volunteer for nearly 20 years. 1t’s just my hobby to teach old people how to learn paper-cut in senior high school. 1t’s just my life to teach old people how to learn paper-cut in senior high school

in recent years, the fire protection work in our city has changed rapidly, and the folk fire propaganda teams such as “Eagle Eye team” and “mobile phone group” have gone into the stations, communities and other places to check and correct the fire hazards around them. The whole city is divided into 79 large grids, 1256 medium grids and 6667 small grids. The fire safety responsibility of each grid is clear, and the responsibility is clear to people, and the responsibility is investigated to people, so that our city is safe and harmonious, and everyone is paying attention to and supporting the fire safety

take the rescue of Yichang Bridge for example, the five fire brigades of Yima, Mianchi, Kaifa, Hubin and Shaan County, as well as the social fire forces of Yimei group and Yima vaporization plant all arrived at the rescue site within two hours, winning time for rescuing the trapped people

from 2010 to now, Sanmenxia has carried out 62 times of fire safety rectification and special treatment, and rectified more than 255000 fires. The reason why they can win in so many major disasters and accidents is inseparable from the clear responsibility of fire control work and the good socialization of fire safety

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