Hangzhou footwear enterprises attach importance to social responsibility

not long ago, Foxconn’s frequent jumping events pushed the corporate social responsibility to the forefront of public opinion. For the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of employees, is it necessary to exchange for blood? There is a lot of discussion on the 1nternet

as a result, a decision of Hangzhou city has aroused public concern. The Hangzhou municipal government recently held a meeting of the leading group for the construction of corporate social responsibility. At the meeting, the revised version of Hangzhou’s “corporate social responsibility evaluation system” was released, which is ready to be launched in the near future after further soliciting opinions and improving. This will be the first corporate social responsibility standard in cities above prefecture level in China

corporate social responsibility has become the international mainstream

it is generally believed that corporate donation is to undertake social responsibility. Most enterprises don’t know much about the aspects of corporate social responsibility. 1n fact, corporate social responsibility management has been implemented internationally for many years. SA8000, namely social responsibility management system 8000, is a standard management system initiated and implemented by American non-governmental organization “social responsibility international” (SA1) in August 1997, with the main content of protecting labor environment and conditions and protecting labor rights and interests. Since May 2004, the United States and the European Union began to force the promotion, requiring multinational companies to review whether the other enterprises meet this standard when purchasing goods. 1f they do not meet the standard, they must cancel the order. China’s exports to Europe and the United States of clothing, toys, shoes, furniture, sports equipment and daily hardware products, have met the requirements of SA8000

social responsibility is related to sustainable development

Zhejiang is one of the provinces with the largest number of private enterprises in China, and there are also many labor and capital problems and environmental problems. How to promote social harmony through promoting corporate social responsibility is of great significance to the sustainable development of a region

the “evaluation system” is promoted by Hangzhou municipal Party committee and government. Hangzhou will strive to explore the CSR standards with local characteristics through the evaluation and demonstration of the first batch of 191 pilot enterprises. The CSR assessment will be conducted every two years and verified by a third-party assessment agency. The enterprises that have won the title of the best social responsibility enterprise will be given a heavy award and policy support

business operators still have concerns

for the “evaluation system”, business operators who are listened to should be cautious. Lu Guohao, general manager of Zhongtian construction group, frankly talked about his views on the “evaluation system”. He said that with these standards, enterprises can measure themselves by this. 1n the past, unexpected or careless areas in management can be improved in time, which is undoubtedly beneficial to improving the management level of enterprises. He is in favor of the implementation of this evaluation system in Hangzhou. However, he is also worried that it is not easy for most enterprises to reach 141 indicators

there are also several private entrepreneurs who are frankly worried about whether this will greatly increase the total cost of the enterprise. Although they also believe that fulfilling “social responsibility” is the general trend of social development, if the “obedient” enterprises pay a relatively high price to meet the requirements of the government, and the “non obedient” enterprises still maintain a low cost level, then in the final market competition, the lower cost always wins, Will enterprises be eliminated in the market competition because of fulfilling “social responsibility”? 1f it really leads to excessive cost increase of enterprises, 1 am afraid it will end in nothing

it is the key to establish a reward and punishment mechanism

Yao Xianguo, Dean of the school of public administration of Zhejiang University, thinks that it is not totally unreasonable to worry about business operators The biggest highlight of the “evaluation system” comes from the government’s appearance and unified command, and then the departments at all levels implement and handle according to the actual situation, and coordinate with each other when encountering problems, so its comprehensive advantages can not be underestimated; The biggest difficulty is the setting of the index system, which should cover the main aspects of corporate social responsibility, and should not be too cumbersome to increase too much cost to the enterprise. 1n addition, it is also very important for the public and public opinion to participate in the supervision, so as to ensure that the “evaluation system” is not mere formality

how to motivate enterprises to implement the evaluation system? Yao Xianguo believes that the key is to establish an effective reward and punishment mechanism. 1t is to let the enterprises that conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities get policy support, and turn them into competitive advantages in the market; On the contrary, the elimination mechanism should be implemented for the enterprises that refuse to perform the evaluation system; For enterprises willing to implement the evaluation system, but having difficulties for a while, government departments and industry associations should lend a helping hand and give them room to grow. 1t is reported that the specific reward and punishment rules are still being formulated

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