Harbin labor protection supplies wholesale flood relief Hechun labor protection high quality

Recently, the water level in Hunan Province has broken through the 1998 high due to repeated rainfall. The Ministry of water resources has also issued that the “Yangtze River flood No. 1” has been formed. The State Flood Control General Administration immediately launched the three-level emergency response for flood control. The flood relief personnel, such as the liberation officers and soldiers and firefighters, have already prepared all kinds of protective and labor protection equipment to rescue the trapped people at any time. This scene can not help but remind people of the moving scenes of the flood in Northeast China in 2013

from August 14 to 19, 2013, the largest basin flood since 1998 occurred in Songhua River, the largest basin flood since 1984 occurred in Heilongjiang Province, and the catastrophic flood with a return period of more than 50 years occurred in the upper reaches of Hunhe River in Liaohe River Basin. The PLA, firefighters and other professional rescue workers also suffered unprecedented tests. 1n order to successfully enter the disaster area and rescue the victims, the local government purchased head protection, hand protection, foot protection and other protective equipment from Harbin Hechun labor protection Co., Ltd., fully armed, and also purchased life jackets, lifebuoys, lifeboats, water pants, all kinds of raincoats, immersion suits and other necessary water life-saving equipment. These high-quality life-saving equipment enable the rescue workers to successfully enter the depth of the disaster area under the pouring rainstorm, rescue the victims trapped in trees, roofs and high-rise buildings, and transfer them to a safe place

in 2013, most areas of Northeast China had early rainy season, heavy rainfall, large flood magnitude and long duration, and the degree of flood disaster was comparable to the catastrophic flood in 1998. According to the statistics of the State General Office of disaster prevention and control, 3.74 million people were affected in Heilongjiang, Jilin and 1nner Mongolia, and 360000 people were transferred. Hundreds of thousands of people were successfully transferred in just a few days. 1n addition to the heroic rescue of officers and soldiers and other professionals, high-quality labor protection equipment also contributed

in the process of flood fighting and disaster relief, safety and labor protection appliances can be said to occupy a very important position, and the use of cheap labor protection appliances can be said to be disrespect for life

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