Hard hat is hard to keep “safe”!

in rainy and foggy weather, the construction site is prone to safety accidents. Recently, some workers at construction sites in the city called our newspaper and reported that the safety helmets they wear are thin and light. How can they afford bricks and stones? They are deeply concerned about the quality of safety helmets on their heads. On February 14, our newspaper sent multiple reporters to investigate some construction sites

construction workers: wearing a “transparent hat” is not at ease

at about 10:30 a.m. that day, in a construction site on Yanjiang Road, Central District of the city, a notice board “safety helmet must be worn when entering the construction site” was posted on the wall next to the guard room of the construction site, and several female workers were carrying construction materials wearing safety helmets. Reporters to buy helmets as an excuse to these women workers to inquire about the origin and price of helmets. A woman worker said that the safety helmet is purchased by the project management personnel on the construction site. The style, thickness and price are different” 1t’s thin on my head. 1t’s more than three yuan! ” She said

in case of small stones falling upstairs, can they hold up? The woman worker said, “1 can’t stand it! Some workers are still putting some cotton wadding in their safety hats, hoping that they can bear more force when the accident comes. ” The reporter then picked up the helmet on her head and weighed it, feeling very light, and some “transparent”

at a construction site on Eshan road in Liunan District, a worker surnamed Zhu displayed two different hats, one white and the other orange. The reporter compared the two helmets, the white one is thicker, and the orange one is lighter. The worker said, the white one is more than ten yuan, and the orange one is three or five yuan

the orange safety helmet is easy to be damaged. A worker fell and broke the safety helmet. To this end, the construction unit had to buy a number of White Helmets” Wearing a white safety helmet, 1 feel more secure at work! ” Mr. Zhu said

when the reporter visited the construction site, many construction workers said that the bloody accident made them more eager to wear real safety “helmet”

at about 3 p.m. yesterday, the reporter took the local method to test the safety helmet taken back from the construction site: with only one foot, the safety helmet was instantly rotten

secret interview: it’s the safety helmet foreman who makes special things

in some construction sites, workers revealed the strange image of wearing safety helmet: the safety helmet worn by construction workers and foremen (project management personnel) is not the same, the foreman should wear thicker. Mr. Jiang, who came from other places to work in Liuzhou, is currently working at a construction site on Binjiang East Road, Chengzhong district

he said that the workers were not satisfied with the different standards and specifications of safety helmets on the construction site” These safety helmets are purchased by foremen, and workers have no choice. The foreman wears a good one, and the worker wears a bad one

Why are workers different from foremen when they are safety helmets? A worker, who did not want to be named, made an account to the reporter: there were hundreds of workers at their construction site, only a dozen foremen. 1f calculated by saving 5 yuan per helmet, foremen can save more than 500 yuan

labor protection stores: the quality of small safety helmets is extremely high

later, the reporter interviewed many labor protection stores in our city and learned that there are as many as 20 or 30 kinds of safety helmets in different specifications, different materials and different prices. The cheapest one is only a few yuan, and the most expensive one is more than 50 yuan. After careful observation, the reporter found that most of the safety helmets without manufacturer, production date and quality certificate were also marked with La (safety sign of special labor protection articles)

“how much is this helmet?” Reporter asked Liunan District Liuyong road a labor protection supplies wholesale Department operator” 3.5 yuan! ” The owner replied. This 3.5 yuan safety helmet will deform as soon as it is pressed. How can it ensure the safety of construction personnel? The owner said, a few dollars, what can buy good things? This kind of safety helmet is disposable on some construction sites. When a department comes to inspect it, it’s necessary to put it on and pretend to cope with it. There’s no need to use too good one

the shopkeeper then handed the reporter a red safety helmet and said, “this one is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which costs 38 yuan.” The shopkeeper said that most of the glass fiber reinforced plastic hats were sold to the boss, manager and foreman, and almost no one bought them to ordinary workers

when the reporter bought a safety helmet without a certificate of 3.5 yuan and asked to check whether there was a product certificate issued by the relevant department, the shopkeeper said that there was no certificate. 1t is understood that according to the safety helmet standard issued by the state, a qualified safety helmet should have four permanent marks: the name of the manufacturer, trademark and model; Manufacturing year and month; Production certificate and verification; Production license number

according to secret investigation, the price of these helmets without any safety certificate and logo is generally very low

some operators of labor protection products disclosed that it is impossible to say how high the safety factor of the hat is

exactly as the operator said, the reporter did a small test on the helmet that he bought for 3.5 yuan: let it fall naturally from a height of 3 meters, and cracks appeared on the brim. 1t’s no wonder that workers are frightened when they put on such helmets

if you fall down a wall with one brick less and wear an unsafe “safety helmet”, there will be more hidden dangers on your head. During the interview, the workers expressed a strong desire: it is suggested that the relevant departments strengthen supervision and remove the unqualified “three no” safety helmets from the market

Daily reporter Yan Youming, Zhang Wei and Duan Chao reported

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