Hardware manufacturing industry, please equip your employees with safety shoes

The hardware industry is mainly through the change of the physical shape of metal raw materials, processing and assembly to become products. As long as it is a metal parts assembly as the main process of the industrial field belongs to the category of hardware industry. From the mining and processing of metal materials to the manufacturing of primary metal products, to the manufacturing of general production equipment, and then to the manufacturing of special equipment in various industries of the national economy, the production activities in the whole industrial chain can be called “big hardware manufacturing”

hardware manufacturing is used in various fields, such as doors and windows made of aluminum alloy, all kinds of mechanical processing parts, steel bars and iron plates used in the construction industry, including tables and chairs used in families, and so on

hardware industry is a very dangerous industry. 1n the process of production and processing, we can’t help but encounter iron filings and copper pieces penetrating the sole of shoes and injuring the sole of feet, carrying heavy objects of products, hitting the toes when collapsing or falling in the process of mold, generating high temperature and electric leakage when polishing, which will bring harm to our feet. So is there any effective preventive measures or protection tools to ensure the safety of employees? How can we make employees feel at ease, comfortable and work naturally without having to worry about accidental injury? The answer is, of course, there are ways. That is to equip employees with appropriate protective equipment, including head to toe protection, protective hat, protective clothing, protective glasses, protective gloves, safety shoes, etc. Specific to the hardware factory, the most important thing is to combine their own actual situation with the corresponding protective equipment, but the safety shoes must not be less, and the safety shoes must have the function of anti smashing and anti piercing. Of course, the tongue should be designed as an integrated structure with the vamp to prevent steel debris from splashing into the tongue, thus hurting our employees

in order to improve the production efficiency of the company and reduce the casualties of the company’s employees, please consider for their safety and equip them with safety shoes to ensure their safety in the work position. Don’t take chances and be reluctant to spend a small amount of money to equip them with safety shoes, which will cause major safety accidents and heavy losses to the enterprise and employees. Of course, employees should also be aware that the issuance of safety shoes for enterprises is now a compulsory requirement of national security regulations. Therefore, if enterprises do not issue safety shoes, employees should take the initiative and bravely defend their rights

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