Harm and protection of electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation exists not only in mobile phones, but also in other household appliances and office supplies. For example, VCD will produce radiation with a frequency of 27MHz and its integral multiple frequency. Some manufacturers use metal foil to cover the radiation without parts, so as to reduce the radiation. The TV screen and the internal local oscillator also produce radiation. 1n contrast, the radiation in front of the screen is far less than the standard, while the radiation generated by the local oscillator is much out of tolerance. These local oscillator radiation frequency is very high, 37MHz higher than the TV reception frequency, and its two times, three times the frequency. The common computer radiates a wider spectrum, so the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stipulates that the digital circuit must be tested to five times its clock frequency. Life often occurs next door someone playing games, where the TV can receive the scene. Therefore, in some confidential departments, in order to prevent leakage caused by electromagnetic radiation, computers are placed in shielding rooms made of metal plates (or nets)

microwave ovens, which have been used in most family kitchens, also have the problem of electromagnetic radiation. The frequency of microwave oven is 2450MHz, which belongs to the microwave band. The leakage energy of microwave oven has always been the concern of consumers. According to the microwave Shanghai standard, the microwave leakage power of the microwave oven at 5cm away from the door should not be greater than 5MW / cm2. The actual measurement results of various brands of microwave ovens show that the microwave leakage power of the new microwave oven is generally 300-500 (w / cm2) at the upper and lower sides of the door, and the leakage power is larger at the left side of the door (door shaft), which is close to 1MW / cm2, 1t is about 600 (w / cm2) at the observation window of the door. Although these data are far less than the international regulations for microwave ovens, they all exceed the safety zone value (10 (w / cm2) in gb9175-88 environmental electromagnetic health standard. Therefore, when we use the microwave oven, we must not put our head close to the observation window or door. Some of them have been used for a long time. The microwave oven whose door has been deformed, of course, has more microwave leakage

at present, the research on the harm of electromagnetic radiation produced by these household appliances and office supplies is not deep enough, and the views on its harm are also different. But one thing is for sure, if people are in this environment for a long time, it will certainly be harmful and unhelpful, especially for those who have been working in front of the computer for a long time and frequently use mobile phones. Because the computer is close to the human body, and they have a long contact time every day, the mobile phone is close to the human ear, so they should pay more attention to it

so what? Obviously, we can’t stop eating because of choking, and we can’t abandon the crystallization of human science and technology civilization because of electromagnetic radiation. We have to take positive preventive measures. We can’t wrap the metal foil outside the computer or the mobile phone. Some people use the method of placing eye protection net in front of the computer, but the test shows that the eye protection net generally can only attenuate 1% of the radiation, and the shielding effect on electromagnetic radiation is not very great. Moreover, the largest part of the computer radiation is not in the front but in the back. For mobile phones, the shielding film can only reduce the electromagnetic radiation entering the brain through the human ear, and the user’s internal organs are still exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The most ideal way is to put on the electromagnetic radiation shielding clothing

as early as the 1970s, people wore this kind of clothing in some scientific research, production and military industry units with high radio radiation power. 1t consists of two layers. The face is made of ordinary cloth, and the inside is made of fine copper wire. This kind of clothing has good shielding performance, but its wearing comfort is poor. After that, some anti radiation fabrics appeared one after another, but some of them mainly reflected electromagnetic waves. The performance of anti electromagnetic wave is quite different at different frequencies and locations. The ideal electromagnetic shielding fabric should not only be comfortable to wear and have good shielding effect, but also be able to absorb electromagnetic waves, so that the radiation protection performance is stable. At present, there are such anti radiation products on the market. When consumers wear this kind of protective clothing when using computers or mobile phones, the harm of these harmful electromagnetic radiation to human body will be greatly reduced

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