Harm of high temperature working environment to human body

High temperature operation is a kind of occupational hazard, which refers to the operation in the high temperature of 33 ℃ – 35 ℃ or high humidity environment, strong heat radiation or open air operation in summer. Due to the productive heat source in the workplace of enterprises and service industries, when the outdoor actual temperature reaches the design and calculation temperature of outdoor ventilation in summer, the operation in which the workplace temperature is 2 ℃ or more higher than the outdoor temperature is called high temperature operation

high temperature operation is generally divided into three types: high temperature operation with strong thermal radiation, high temperature and high humidity operation and outdoor operation in summer. Most industries (metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, furnace workshop) and papermaking, instrument manufacturing, thermal power plant, cement production, ship boiler operation are involved in high temperature operation

when working in high temperature, a series of physiological function changes will appear in the human body. These changes can be gradually adapted within the range that the human body can bear, but if they exceed the range, and do not do any personal protection (such as wearing heat insulation clothes, high temperature hood, etc.), serious consequences such as pathological changes will occur. Specific high-temperature environment work has the following harm to the body:

1. The heat balance of the human body

the state that the body heat production and heat dissipation maintain a relative balance is called the heat balance of the human body. The human body maintains a constant temperature, which is very important for maintaining normal metabolism and physiological function. The relationship between heat production and heat dissipation can determine whether the human body can maintain heat balance or whether the heat accumulation in the body increases

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