have you ever seen Liu Ruoying in rehearsal with safety helmet and work clothes?

according to Taiwan media reports, Tian Hou Liu Ruoying’s “1 dare” world tour concert started in Qingdao, China. She had fun and chose the creative “hat prone”. She put on the site safety helmet with the words “President of Co., Ltd.” and put on the work clothes for rehearsal, leaving the singer’s image behind

Liu Ruoying first came to Qingdao for her concert. Before she arrived, her fans were at the seaside of Qingdao and welcomed her with love with oranges (called oranges by Liu Ruoying’s fans), “we’ll wait for you in Qingdao!” And the fans carefully arranged surprise support, not only that, when picking up the first is to send Qingdao famous raw beer

the fans even lit out “Rene 1617” outside the window of the hotel where she stayed, announcing that they would join the milk tea together, which made her say excitedly and moved: “this is not someone else’s proposal, Qiao Duan. 1t’s really beautiful! Thank you

she first sang at Guoxin stadium of Qingdao Sports Center, and said, “you (fans) always give me a lot of support. 1 hope we can have a warm night together tonight.”

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