Have you ever used a taxi seat belt?

On August 18, a traffic accident happened in front of Carrefour gate, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. A passenger in the co driver’s seat in a taxi was thrown out of the car because he didn’t wear his seat belt and suffered serious injury

according to the survey, more than half of the passengers do not wear seat belts. Randomly selected 200 citizens as the survey objects, the survey results show that only 34% of the respondents wear seat belts when taking a taxi, 52% of the respondents do not wear seat belts, and 14% of the respondents never take a taxi in the front row

the respondents who said that they would wear seat belts on the bus believed that it would be safer to wear seat belts, and in case of an accident, it would be a guarantee for life safety

among the respondents who did not wear seat belts, the vast majority said they were “afraid of trouble”; There are also some people who worry that the daily passenger flow of taxis is relatively large, and the seat belts will be dirty; Others said they were not in the habit of wearing seat belts at all. 1n addition, a small number of people said that they would fasten their seat belts when they were driving faster or felt that the driving level of taxi drivers was not high

“at the beginning of this year, when the new traffic regulations came into effect, it was stipulated that drivers and co drivers must fasten their seat belts, otherwise there would be relevant punishment measures, so we would remind passengers to fasten their seat belts after boarding.” A “taxi brother” said, “it was found later that passengers who did not wear seat belts were not punished, so they took a chance and did not remind any more. After all, we are in the service industry. Some passengers are too troublesome to wear seat belts, and we can’t say anything. “< At present, many private cars have been equipped with seat belt reminder devices. Some passengers suggested that taxis should also be equipped with such a reminder device. 1f passengers do not wear seat belts, taxis will make a "didi" sound, which can play a very good role in reminding extended reading Tsinghua University automotive crash laboratory has conducted tests on seat belts and airbags. The results show that when the car only drives at the speed of 40 km / h in collision, the force of body forward is equivalent to throwing a bag of 50 kg cement from four floors. Suppose a car crashes into a power pole at a speed of 60 km / h. at the moment of collision, the car body will stop moving, but the driver and passenger will still rush forward at a speed of 60 km / h. 1f the seat belt is not fastened, the drivers and passengers in the front row will rush to the dashboard and the front windshield; On the contrary, if the driver and passenger wear the safety belt, when the collision occurs, the safety belt will first tighten, firmly fix the passenger on the seat, and then slowly loosen, so as to avoid pulling people’s ribs in a car accident that may lead to death, the use of seat belts can increase the probability of survival of the people in the car by 60% China labor insurance net

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