Have you fastened your seat belt

As we all know, car safety belt is the basic protective device to protect drivers and passengers in the process of car collision. When the car collides, or encounters unexpected emergency braking, it will produce huge inertia, which is very easy to cause serious injury to the driver and passengers, and even throw the passengers out of the seat or out of the car. The safety belt can bind the driver and passenger on the seat, play a buffer role, reduce the degree of injury of the driver and passenger. There are many types of seat belts, which can be subdivided into car seat belts, work at height seat belts, full (half) body seat belts, bungee jumping equipment seat belts, building seat belts, electrical seat belts, aircraft seat belts and so on. At present, the standard form of seat belt in the world is the three-point seat belt invented by Niles. This kind of car seat belt began to be accepted by people in 1967. Since the seat belt came into being, there have been 10 million km seat belts installed in more than 1 billion cars in the world. 1ts length is enough to circle 250 circles around the earth’s equator, or to and from the moon 13 times. Most importantly, however, countless lives have been saved in more than 40 years. Seat belts are used to protect drivers, passengers, workers working at height and other personnel safety devices, which everyone knows. However, there are still many drivers who don’t wear seat belts during driving. Some workers working at height have an attitude towards them that “when they use them, they can pick them up easily, and when they don’t use them, they can easily throw them away.” Even some private car owners regard the safety belt as a decoration, and only when they are checked by the police can they reluctantly fasten it. Safety belt is the protector of our life. Have you fastened it? Just yesterday morning, a tourist bus carrying more than 30 passengers ran out of control and collided with a truck in a major road traffic accident 1 km away from Ningtai line of Yanjiang expressway, resulting in 14 deaths and 20 injuries. Reporters in the hospital asked several wounded, they said they did not wear seat belts. Some of the wounded said they didn’t know where the seat belt on the bus was, while others said that “the seat belt on the tourist bus is too dirty to fasten.”. Family members of the wounded also said that they didn’t need to wear seat belts when taking buses” “Not wearing a seat belt” is one of the important reasons for such heavy casualties. As the bus overturned several times in the accident, many passengers were squeezed and collided. 1f the safety belt was fastened, the injury could be reduced, and even lives could be saved. An investigation from the public security department shows that when a car is running at a speed of 100 km / h, if it stops immediately due to a frontal impact, passengers who do not wear seat belts will be thrown out of the window, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Do you still remember Liu Dan who can attract butterflies in huanzhu gege? Her car lost control on the highway, and Liu Dan, who was sitting in the back seat without a seat belt, threw out of the car. 1f there was anything that could save her life at that time, maybe only the seat belt. According to statistics, about 30% of the passengers survived the traffic accidents due to wearing seat belts. 1n other words, the small seat belt saved nearly a third of the lives of drivers. So, don’t be bothered, just lift a finger. Have you fastened your seat belt for your safety

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