Have you got a reflective vest for your baby?

The experimental results show that: in foggy and rainy days, the best visible distance of children walkers wearing reflective clothing increases from 16.7 meters to 152.4 meters. At a speed of 60 km / h, the driver will have enough time from seeing the child braking to stopping. 1mproving children’s visibility means that drivers can see children from a longer distance, increasing the time to protect their lives

in Germany and Switzerland, when children travel, they should be led by a teacher and three volunteers. 1n particular, every child should wear reflective clothing, which can be seen from a long distance. European traffic safety awareness from childhood

according to statistics, road traffic injury is the main cause of death of children and young people in the age group of 5-14 every year all over the world. Therefore, it is urgent for children to enhance their safety awareness

recently, more than 70000 primary school students in Linyi City have put on specially made bright orange reflective clothes to protect students’ safety

China labor insurance network warm reminder: for children’s travel safety, do you prepare reflective clothing for your baby

the reflective part of the reflective vest is made by the advanced technology of focusing post-treatment, which is based on the principle of microrhombic lattice refraction and high refractive index glass bead regression reflection. 1t can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, and has good retro reflective optical performance in both day and night. Especially at night, it can play the same high visibility as during the day. No matter the wearer is far away, or under the interference of light or scattered light, the safety suit made of the high visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers. The appearance of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of “seeing” and “being seen” at night

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