Have you seen this green water-based fire extinguisher?

Water-based fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing flammable solids or non-water-soluble liquids at first fires, but cannot extinguish live fires. They are environmentally friendly, highly effective flame retardant, strong resistance to re-ignition, fast extinguishing speed, and permeability (strong) , It can extinguish deep-level fires.
So, what is the difference between green fire extinguisher and red fire extinguisher in terms of nature, use, and effect? ??
According to the spray effect, water-based fire extinguishers are in the form of water mist and dry powder fire extinguishers are in the form of white powder. Common fires are divided into five categories: A is a solid fire, B is a liquid fire, C is a gas fire, D is a metal fire, and E is an electrical fire. However, CE fires generally do not use water-based fire extinguishers.
Comparison of field experiment of two kinds of fire extinguishers
Water-based fire extinguishers are more commonly used in places where people need to be protected, avoid secondary pollution, and in places where deep-level fires (such as paper piles, etc.) are extinguished. The advantages of water-based fire extinguishers are environmental protection, strong resistance to re-ignition, and ability to extinguish deep-level fires. Dry powder fire extinguishers are relatively inexpensive, have a wide range of applications, and can extinguish surface fires.
Experimental comparative analysis: dry powder fire extinguishers have small smell and large smoke and dust. After the fire is extinguished, the ground is covered with a layer of white powder, which is not easy to clean, and the fire extinguishing speed is fast; water-based fire extinguishers have a light soapy smell, no smoke and dust, leaving white foam after extinguishing Material, easy to clean, fast fire extinguishing speed.
Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly.
Fire extinguishers also have a shelf life. They should be checked regularly for expiration and whether the pointer points to the correct position. All fire extinguishers should not be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. They should be placed in a cool place. The fire extinguisher barrel is severely rusted and deformed and cannot be used. The general water-based fire extinguisher has a scrap period of 6 years, and the dry powder fire extinguisher has a scrap period of 10 years.

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