Have you seen this kind of “red lantern”? It is said to be a fire extinguisher

“It’s red, looking from a distance, it’s like hanging a red lantern.” Let me introduce a fire fighting weapon. This “red lantern” is very useful. Small fires can be extinguished in seconds, and large fires can delay the development of the fire.

Its full name is “hanging dry powder fire extinguisher”, which is used for automatic treatment of initial fire.
Because this device has the advantages of low cost and good effect, it is now widely installed in the roof of the battery car charging area in the community, underground bicycle garage, warehouse, etc.
Is the “Red Lantern” effective in extinguishing fire?
“As long as the ambient temperature exceeds 68¡æ, it will automatically start to spray dry powder. In a certain narrow range, it has a good effect on extinguishing fires and can quickly extinguish a fire or a short period of time. Suppress the development of the fire at the same time.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the “Red Lantern”
Red Lantern has a good extinguishing performance, but it does not mean that all of its fires can be extinguished.
The fire fighting principle of “suspended dry powder fire extinguisher” is the same as that of commonly used dry powder fire extinguishers. Extinguish and prevent spread by covering the fire source. The device tank contains dry powder weighing 4 kg, 6 kg and above. After the fire extinguishing device is activated, the dry powder in the tank is sprayed on the fire area within a few seconds to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire.
Its advantage is that the dry powder can quickly and evenly cover a certain fire area, and for some surface fires, the treatment effect is excellent. But for a fire like a battery car battery, because the fire location is inside the battery, and most battery fires will have a continuous heating and burning process. Therefore, even if the open flame has been covered with dry powder and extinguished at the initial stage, there is still a great possibility of re-ignition.
Anyway, as long as this device is activated, it will buy a lot of time for our follow-up fire fighting and rescue.
So, is the cost of installing this fire extinguishing device high? Is it worth promoting?
In some life scenes where it is not convenient to install a sprinkler system, installing a “suspended dry powder fire extinguisher” is a good choice. In addition, when installing a “suspended dry powder fire extinguisher”, it is recommended to install a smoke alarm in combination with fire fighting. In this way, both early warning and initial fire fighting can be achieved.
Of course, whether it is smoke alarms or various fire extinguishing devices, they are just remedial measures after a fire.
Fire Reminder: The best fire protection device is actually the fire protection awareness in everyone’s mind. Summer is a high-incidence period of fire. Everyone must pay attention to safety when using fire and electricity. Do not perform dangerous operations and be careful about fire prevention.

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