Haze is coming. Are you ready for the activated carbon mask?

PM2.5 is mainly formed by exhaust gas from automobile exhaust and chemical industry. Activated carbon can filter dust particles smaller tha2.5 microns, and can also adsorb toxic substances such as phenols, benzene, organic chlorine and automobile exhaust, which can not be achieved by ordinary masks. Therefore, it is necessary to use activated carbon mask — Zizhu brand (health protection expert)

recently, serious haze weather has appeared in many parts of China, affecting all aspects of people’s lives, and the most serious harm is to human health

induce respiratory diseases. The composition of haze is very complex, there are hundreds of particles in size, these particles through the human breathing, into the respiratory tract, can cause tracheitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases< 1. Lung injury haze has the greatest impact on the respiratory system, which has become the consensus of most people. The respiratory system has the most frequent contact with the external environment, and the contact area is large. Hundreds of atmospheric particles can directly enter and adhere to the upper and lower respiratory tract and lungs of the human body, and most of them will be inhaled by the human body. Secondly, haze weather will weaken the ultraviolet radiation near the ground, which is easy to enhance the activity of bacteria in the air. Fine particles will “carry” bacteria and viruses to the depths of the respiratory system, causing infection

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