Haze mask is more effective than disposable mask

1n the face of frequent threat of PM2.5, the more expensive the mask, the more complex it is. China Consumer Association, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission and other five places jointly released the “comparative test results of protective performance of 37 mask products” yesterday. The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision also released the monitoring results of quality and safety risk of mask products recently. The two results pointed out that the filtering effect of many masks is exaggerated, and the haze prevention mask should be “disposable”

disposable masks are better for haze prevention

recently, the China Consumer Association, together with the consumer associations (committees) of Shanghai, Anhui, Chongqing, Ningbo, Harbin and other five provinces and cities, has carried out comparative tests on masks sold locally

the samples of this comparative test came from shopping malls, supermarkets, medical stores, labor protection stores, wholesale markets and corresponding shopping websites in Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Chongqing, Ningbo and Harbin. A total of 37 samples were purchased, involving 28 mask production and distribution enterprises; The price of masks ranges from 0.58 yuan to 199 yuan

the comparative test tests the filtration effect of different masks on particulate matter by testing the “filtration efficiency”” “Filtration efficiency” refers to the percentage of particulate matter removed by the mask under specified experimental conditions

at present, among the masks purchased by consumers, one is disposable mask made of non-woven material with filtration performance, and the other is replaceable filter cloth mask. The results show that the filtering effect of disposable mask is better than that of replaceable filter cloth mask

although the filter material in the replaceable filter cloth mask has a certain filtering effect on particles, the area of the filter is smaller than the overall area of the mask, which will allow the gas to enter the mask through the cloth around the filter, reducing the filtering effect. The insertion of the filter also increases respiratory resistance. Compared with disposable masks, the price of replaceable filter cloth masks is also slightly higher< The Municipal Quality Supervision Department recently said that at present, there are national standards for medical protective masks and industrial dust masks, while the quality standards for other types of masks are confusing. Some of these masks with nominal protective function implement the standards of medical protective masks, some implement the standards of industrial dust masks, and some do not have any implementation standards recently, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision carried out quality and safety risk monitoring on mask products with the functions of “PM2.5 protection”, “dust isolation”, “haze prevention”, which were produced and sold (including online sales) in the city. A total of 38 batches of samples were collected, covering the main brands produced and sold in the city in the most concerned mask filtration efficiency monitoring test, the measured value of filtration efficiency of 24 batches of masks was lower than the minimum requirement of national standard – 90%; The measured value of filtration efficiency of one batch of masks was lower than 95% indicated in the package; The grade of filter material is not marked in the identification of 21 batches of products; The executive standard of 6 batches of masks without labels among them, the actual filtration efficiency of Yixin sc600c ordinary polyester dust mask distributed by Jinjiang Metro Putuo branch is 0 “Chaomei” mask is suspected of information fraud in addition to quality problems, mask brands suspected of information fraud also appear in the market in the recent comparative experiment of the Consumer Association, the test results of the two “cm Chaomei” masks showed poor dust prevention effect and high respiratory resistance, which were identified as “fake products”, and have been transferred to relevant departments for further investigation in fact, at the end of 2013, a well-known environmental volunteer on the 1nternet has paid attention to the “Chaomei” mask. The volunteer bought a 32 yuan dust mask of the brand, and found that the package was printed with such words as “national emergency reserve unit”, “N95”, and the material was marked as bamboo fiber the environmental volunteer said that no matter bamboo fiber or cotton, they are not protected against PM2.5. The activated carbon filter attached to the mask also has little protective effect on PM2.5. 1n use, smaller particles will be formed due to friction, which will be inhaled by the human body and form secondary pollution. The accompanying “anti influenza N95 filter” hinders breathing this kind of mask sells nearly 10000 pieces every month on a shopping website, which makes the above-mentioned environmental volunteers cry out: “Chaomei company, where is your moral bottom line?” tips for choosing and wearing masks 1. When the predicted concentration of particulate matter reaches the pollution level, you should wear masks to prevent haze. At present, the masks with good anti haze effect are disposable. When you feel that there is a peculiar smell in the mask or you feel suffocated breathing, you need to replace the mask

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