He was kind enough to help, but he was blind because he didn’t wear protective glasses

Xu, a factory builder, kindly helped factory workers to replace the bearing sleeve of 5t winch motor. He was blind in his left eye because he didn’t wear protective eyes

Xu, deputy director of a repair and manufacturing plant in Zhejiang Province, saw the worker who was replacing the bearing sleeve of the 5T winch motor. He took the initiative to help remove the bearing sleeve by using the extractor. He took the flat shovel in his left hand and the hammer in his right hand. He tilted his body in the front and hit the bearing sleeve with the flat shovel. The flat shovel tip cracked and the slag flew up and hit the lower part of Xu’s left eye, Quickly sent Xu to the hospital, but still did not save the accident, the doctor announced Xu left eye blindness on the spot

accident causes and lessons: Xu was also kind-hearted, but the accident was still caused by improper operation

1) improper operation method, the operator should stand on the side of the object, not on the front< (2) Xu has no protective eyes. the main function of protecting eyes is to protect eyes and face from the radiation of ultraviolet, infrared, microwave and other electromagnetic waves, as well as the damage of dust, smoke, metal and gravel debris and chemical solution sputtering. However, due to people’s negligence in labor and production, eye protection is often ignored, 1n addition, the management of the workplace is not too strict, the vigilance of the working people is even worse safety production and safety management. 1f there is no corresponding safety management method, this kind of safety accidents will increase. We hope that the enterprise leadership can strengthen the management, and the corresponding supervision departments should do a good job in supervision we solemnly declare that this article is an original article of China labor insurance network. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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