He was knocked unconscious by a steel pipe and saved his life

Zaobao news: the density of building materials is high and the quality is heavy, so we should be very careful when transporting these goods, so as not to cause such accidents on the second Nantong construction site of Liaoyang road. At about 4 pm yesterday, when the steel pipe was being hoisted at the construction site, because it was not tied firmly, a steel pipe was suddenly ejected when it was hoisted by a crane, and Lao Kang, a worker who was working nearby, was injured and unconscious. Then the workers sent Lao Kang to Haici hospital for rescue

comatose workers were admitted to the hospital in a “low-key” manner

“just now, 1 saw a strange situation when 1 was in the hospital for infusion. A comatose worker was quietly sent to the emergency room of Heici hospital by a private car instead of a 120 ambulance. 1s there any problem?” At about 4:30 pm yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, called the hotline 82888000 of the morning post to report

the reporter rushed to Haici hospital after inquiry and found that the injured were being sent to the CT room of the hospital for examination. Although there was no obvious trauma, the injured had lost their sense of autonomy” A little thing is not worth reporting. 1t’s just that he was hit by the steel bar. He may be stunned. ” Mr. Gong, who claimed to be the site safety officer, told reporters

worker Mr. Zhang told reporters that they were all carpenters who had just arrived at the construction site seven or eight days ago. When the accident happened, they were working on the construction platform. Unexpectedly, the lifter did not bind the steel pipe to be lifted firmly. As a result, a steel pipe suddenly popped up after encountering obstacles in the process of lifting and knocked down Lao Kang who was working nearby” The man fell a long way, because he was wearing a helmet, so there was no head injury. ” A worker told reporters, but because of the heavy impact, Lao Kang fell to the ground and fell into a coma

the injured are not in danger for the time being

so, where is the specific site of the accident? When the reporter inquired about the workers, they said that they were not familiar with the name of the project because they had just gone to work, but it is certain that they were working on the construction site of Nantong Second Construction Co., Ltd., which is near the hongshanpo community of Liaoyang road. Later, the reporter went to the two persons in charge of the construction site wearing suits to understand the situation. They did not deny the fact that the accident happened at the construction site of Nantong No.2 construction. However, when the reporter asked about the name of the project, they only said it was a residential project, but they chose to be silent about the name of the project

during the reporter’s interview, the injured was pushed out of the CT room. At this time, his eyes were still closed and he did not have any sense of autonomy. Emergency doctors said the injured were not life-threatening, but needed to be hospitalized for observation(Reporter Wang Shoulin Photo Report)

steel pipe from the sky to poke in the face of female workers

morning post news at about 2 pm yesterday, a construction site near Nanchuang, Li village had an accident, a 1-meter-long steel pipe fell from the height of the construction site, a middle-aged woman just passed downstairs, found the falling steel pipe and quickly dodged, almost stabbed in the left eye by the steel pipe. The steel tube left a wound about 5cm below her left eye, and the woman’s face was covered with blood. After the workers found her, they rushed her to the Eighth People’s Hospital for emergency treatment. The reporter rushed to the hospital after hearing the news and found the injured middle-aged woman in the emergency room. She was pale and could see blood stains on her cheek

the reporter learned from the medical staff that the woman, surnamed Wu, is 35 years old. The medical staff has done hemostasis and anti-inflammatory treatment for her and sewed three stitches on her face. The doctor said that the wound on Ms. Wu’s face is very deep, and whether it will leave a scar still needs to see the later healing(Reporter Huang Fei)

Author: Wang Shoulin

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