He was not wearing his seat belt and was seriously injured

At 0:25 a.m. yesterday, a traffic accident happened at Tongxie intersection of Desheng road in Hangzhou. A No. 107 bus with no load hit a white yet unlicensed Volkswagen car. One of the two men was seriously injured and the other was slightly injured

at the scene of the accident, the front bumper and bumper of the bus were damaged and broken. VW was relatively seriously damaged. The right side of the car was sunken, the roof was protruded, the windshield was broken, and both airbags were ejected

yesterday, the reporter learned that the driver of Volkswagen car, surnamed Zhu, is 24 years old, from Henan, and currently works in a company in Hangzhou. Sitting in the passenger seat is Mr. Hao, a 50 year old fellow of Xiaozhu. According to people familiar with the matter, Mr. Hao has just come to Hangzhou and plans to come to Hangzhou to look for a job

shortly after the incident, Xiao Zhu and Mr. Hao were sent to the airport road 117 hospital

yesterday, the doctor on duty told the reporter that Xiaozhu’s injury was mild, and the main injuries were the head and neck, but there was no serious problem. He had been transferred to the general ward. Mr. Hao was seriously injured. As of yesterday noon, he was still in 1CU (intensive care unit). There were three main injuries: lung contusion, brain injury, and multiple rib fractures

yesterday, doctor Zhou, 120, revealed on his microblog that the man who was seriously injured in the car was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident. 1n this way, two people were injured. The co driver who didn’t wear the seat belt was in critical condition. Please drive slowly. 1n the second half of the night, there were few cars. According to our experience, accidents were quite serious in the second half of the night. Please remember to wear the seat belt. 1n this case, the co driver’s seat belt was behind the injured person and there was no protection. The scene was very miserable

what is Xiao Zhu doing with Mr. Hao at this time of the morning? How did it happen? To this, small Zhu in common ward is silent. Family members told reporters that it seemed that the car had just got off the viaduct and was hit at the intersection

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the company of No.107 bus. Manager Chen of the company told the reporter that the accident happened” At that time, the driver of No. 107 drove from south to north, and when he arrived at Desheng intersection of Tongxie Road, it showed that the green light was normal. At this time, a white Volkswagen car from west to East appeared and the bus hit it. According to the taxi drivers who passed by at that time, the car should have run the red light. At present, two of the injured are in stable condition

the specific cause of the accident is still under detailed investigation by the traffic police department

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