Head protection: pressure bearing principle and characteristics of safety helmet

Safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment to prevent head injury caused by impact objects. The utility model is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek band and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, consolidated, lubricated and elastic. The impact and puncture kinetic energy of the impactor are mainly received by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap shell and the cap liner, which can buffer and relax the instantaneous impact force, and then prevent or reduce the direct damage to the head. 1mpact absorption function, puncture resistance function, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical functions of safety helmet

pressure bearing principle of safety helmet

there are three principles for safety helmet to accept pressure:

1. Damping effect: there is a gap of 25 ~ 50mm between the cap shell and the cap liner. When the object impacts the safety helmet, the cap shell will not directly affect the top of the head due to the deformation2. Stress relaxation effect: the cap shell is oval or hemispherical, and the surface is lubricated. When the object falls on the cap shell, the object cannot stay and slide immediately; And the force received by the impact point of the cap shell is transmitted to the surrounding, and the force reduced by the buffer of the cap liner can reach more than 2 3, and other forces are transmitted to the skull through the whole area of the cap liner, so that the force point becomes the force surface, and then the stress concentration of the impact force at a certain point on the cap shell is prevented, and the force per unit area is reduced< Biomechanics: it is necessary to absorb 4900n in the national standard. This is due to the biological experiment, the maximum limit of human cervical vertebra under force, beyond this limit, the cervical vertebra will be damaged, light lead to paralysis, serious life-threatening harmfulness of low quality and low price helmets: some low quality and low price helmets only have their own appearance, and can not play a protective effect. 1n the selection of data, the planning basis of the lining can not meet the requirements of the national standard. When it is impacted, it can not produce deformation and relax stress in time. 1f you choose these products, once there is an accident at work, it will cause endless damage to the user’s head, mild brain concussion, severe life-threatening safety helmet base features light and low-risk safety helmet with excellent air permeability it has good ventilation and light weight, providing full comfort for the wearer protective effect of safety helmet when the head of a worker is impacted by a falling object, the shell and lining of the safety helmet are used to divide the impact force into the whole area of the skull in an instant, and then the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and damage of the allowed layout of the various parts of the safety helmet are used to absorb most of the impact force, So that the final effect to the head of the impact force is reduced to less than 4900n, and then play the effect of maintaining the head of the staff. The shell information of safety helmet plays an important role in the whole anti strike function of safety helmet China labor insurance net

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