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Wang Huajie, general manager of Shanghai AoXiang Shoes Co., Ltd.

when an enterprise layout develops in the long run, your mood and your pattern play a crucial role! Product innovation, channel restructuring, and supply chain integration are the things we should do well with our heart. Many things are different when we carry out “second pioneering” with a “return to zero” mentality and a “platform” thinking. — Wang Huajie

, November 2019, Special interview with Wang Huajie, general manager of Shanghai AoXiang Shoes Co., Ltd 1

leaders of China Textile Business Association visited Shancheng District, Hebi City 22

Wu Xiaoqin, general manager of shidashi 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. (Quzhou), was awarded the title of the 8th excellent professional manager of Zhejiang Province 23

discussion on the problems that need to be improved in the relevant standards of respirators and other filter respiratory protective equipment 26

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cover person:

Wang Huajie, general manager of Shanghai AoXiang Shoes Co., Ltd.

the second cover: Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

the third cover: Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd.

the back cover: Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd.

the advertisement insert (ranking in any order)

Jiangsu Dunwang Technology Group

Ningbo Shengbao Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

Taicang City Qihua knitwear Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Guotai safety protection products Co., Ltd.

Shuangan Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Wuzhou Youmeng welding protection products Co., Ltd.

Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai name1 Wenzhou Xumei

Jiangsu Dunwang Jiande Chaomei

Ningbo Shengbao Shuangan technology

Taizhou Guotai Qihua gloves

Wuzhou Youmeng Zibo guangshengjin

Beijing Jiangang Tianjin kelijie

Shanghai port kaijingzhou Sichuang

Beijing Lida Guangzhou Shuangyi

Shanghai Zixi Shandong Haixia

Tai’an Hengchang Yangzhou Zhiyong

Zhenjiang Shuangli Saixiang labor insurance

Dingzhou Anbang Guangdong sonorous

Suzhou Security Taicang Feihong

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