Health action of building safety protection products in Linshu County, Shandong Province

in order to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of construction safety accidents caused by the quality problems of safety protection articles, the Construction Bureau of Linshu County, aiming at “cracking down on fake and inferior products, cleaning up illegal products, and matching missing safety protection articles”, has carried out a special rectification activity of construction safety protection articles in the construction site of the whole county, Ensure the “health” of building safety protection articles< First, crack down on fake and inferior security products. 1t is required that the manufacturers of dense mesh safety net, horizontal protective net, safety helmet and safety belt purchased by construction enterprises and project departments must have production license, product certificate and certificate issued by the quality supervision and inspection department of labor protection articles designated by the state. The construction bureau is responsible for sampling and inspection of the safety protection articles used on the construction site. All construction units found using fake and inferior products will be severely punished the second is to clean up the illegal use of products. All construction sites are forbidden to use the old distribution box and switch box produced before October 2007, and it is forbidden to transform the distribution components by themselves. 1f the construction unit fails to purchase and use safety protection articles as required or uses safety net and other one-time charging products without safety inspection by the competent department, it shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit and remove the safety protection products that do not meet the requirements from the construction site. 1f it refuses to rectify, it shall be ordered to stop the construction of the project, and the circumstances are serious, The construction unit and the person in charge of the project will be dealt with according to law thirdly, complete the missing security supplies. Focus on the lack of safety protection articles, and update and upgrade the low-grade safety protection articles. According to the Announcement No. 659 of the Ministry of construction and the spirit of the higher authorities, new distribution boxes and switch boxes must be used for new construction projects in Linshu county from May 1, and the power supply switch boxes from the main distribution box to the distribution box and large construction machinery and equipment such as tower crane, construction elevator, material hoist and concrete mixing station must use the five core cable recorded at the provincial level to distribute electricity. The safety protection articles at other key positions shall be fully equipped, and the safety protection articles with long service time, poor safety performance and low grade shall be removed from the construction site up to now, 16 construction enterprises in the county have carried out self inspection and self correction of safety protection articles, and the main construction machinery and equipment such as tower cranes in 30 construction sites have basically completed the task of cleaning up and rectifying. A total of 96 tower cranes have been detected and 22 tower crane intelligent protectors have been installed (yingrongpan)

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