Health care functional textiles rise suddenly traditional textiles break through low added value

in recent years, people have taken “wear out health” and “sleep out health” as the fashion pursuit to improve the quality of life and life while pursuing eating out health. Health care textiles with high technology and high added value have become a new growth point of the textile industry. 1n 2009, the sales of health functional textiles reached 100 billion yuan, increasing by 20% every year

health functional textiles have sprung up, which first promoted and changed the two industries

in the health care products industry, the annual sales volume of health care functional textiles has reached “big brother” health food. 1n 2009, the annual sales of health food in China was 13.4 billion US dollars, about 90 billion yuan. 1n other words, health functional textiles have surpassed health food

in the textile industry, it has accounted for about 8% of the knitting industry and household textile industry respectively, and has become an important new economic growth point of the textile industry

at present, China’s health care products are mainly aimed at the middle-aged and elderly market, while the young people’s market has not been large. But health textiles can break through this limitation. This will undoubtedly bring strong development momentum to the health care products industry and gradually expand and change the target population of the health care products market

the health care industry is a sunrise industry. 1t is impossible to rely on the sunset population. We must develop distinctive and targeted health care products and services according to different age groups and different consumer needs

health functional textiles can make traditional textiles break through the trap of low added value. At present, the average profit margin of China’s textile industry is only about 3.97%, and the average profit margin of two-thirds of Enterprises above designated size is only 0.36%. As a result, although the industry is large in scale, it can not stand the wind and grass. But on the contrary, the health functional textile products can meet the health needs of consumers, and have certain scientific and technological content, as well as practical value, which determines its high added value. The general profit margin of enterprises is between 15% and 50%. Just as Du Yuzhou, President of China Textile 1ndustry Association, clearly pointed out when he talked about “contribution rate of science and technology”, health textiles will become an important development direction of the textile industry

with the rapid development of economy, China’s per capita income has reached 3000 US dollars, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the growing demand for health, ushering in the golden age of consumption, health consumption is unstoppable< However, the development of health functional textiles in China has been more than ten years since the 1990s, and it is now transiting from the disordered development period to the consolidation period. 1ts characteristics are: rapid development, strong consumer demand; 1ndustry integration and normative development are expected; Lack of management, lack of standards, uneven product quality and technical level, exaggerated publicity, price system confusion. At present, the health functional textiles sold on the market claim more than ten functions, such as far-infrared, antibacterial, magnetic, negative ion, anti radiation, antithrombotic, anti varicose and so on. But up to now, our country has only made Association standards for far infrared health care function, magnetic health care function, antibacterial health care function, etc. At present, China Health Care Association, China Standardization Association and China Knitting 1ndustry Association are working out standards for health care functional textiles, such as anti electromagnetic radiation, negative ion and anti thrombosis, and strive to complete them by the end of this year at present, as the marginalization of the textile industry, health functional textiles have begun to become the mainstream industry. According to the prediction of relevant experts, the health functional textile industry will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 20% for a considerable period of time, and this trend will not weaken in the foreseeable 10 or 20 years at least. Therefore, by 2015, the industry is expected to reach the scale of 200 billion yuan, and gradually adjust and change the traditional textile industry with large output, small income, high labor cost, excess productivity and lack of industry competitiveness into an industry with high added value and core competitiveness(The author is Deputy Secretary General of China Health Care Association

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