Health care measures for heatstroke prevention

1. Drink supply and nutrition supplement:

workers exposed to high temperature should supplement water and salt equivalent to sweating. The best way to replenish water and salt is to supply salty drinks, generally 3-5 liters of water and 20 grams of salt per person per day. When the amount of sweating is less than 4 liters in 8 hours working day, 15-18 grams of salt can be taken from food every day

if the amount of perspiration exceeds this amount, in addition to salt intake from food, salt should also be supplemented from drink. The salt content of the beverage should be 0.15% – 0.2%. The best way to drink is to drink a small amount of water many times

when working in high temperature environment, the energy consumption increases, so the total calories of diet should be higher than that of ordinary workers, and it is best to reach 12600-13860 kJ. Protein should be increased to 14% – 15% of the total calories. 1n addition, it can also supplement complex vitamins, calcium, etc2. Personal protection:

the work clothes for workers exposed to high temperature should be made of fabrics with low thermal conductivity and good air permeability. To prevent radiation heat, white canvas or aluminum foil work clothes can be used. High temperature work clothes should be wide and not interfere with operation

in addition, according to the needs of different operations, personal protective equipment such as work cap, protective glasses, mask, gloves, shoe cover, leg protection, etc. are provided. Special high-temperature workers, such as furnace lining hot repair, ladle cleaning and other types of work, in order to prevent the effect of strong heat radiation, they must wear heat insulation masks and heat insulation, flame retardant and ventilated heat protective clothing, such as heat insulation masks sprayed with metal (copper, silver), aluminum film heat insulation clothing, etc

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