Hearing loss caused by not wearing sound insulation earplug and earmuff

According to the national regulations, we must wear noise proof earplugs (noise proof earplugs) or noise proof earmuffs to protect our hearing when we work in the working environment with noise level over 85 dB for more than 8 hours

in the production process, there are mainly the following kinds of noise that can cause hearing damage:

1) mechanical noise: the noise caused by mechanical impact, friction, solid vibration and rotation, such as the sound from electric saw, machine tool and stone crusher

2) aerodynamic noise: noise caused by air vibration, such as fan, air compressor, ejector, whistle, boiler exhaust, etc

3) electromagnetic noise: noise caused by the interaction of alternating forces in the motor. Such as the sound produced by generator and transformer

it can be seen that in most industrial environments, we need to wear sound insulation earplugs (anti noise earplugs) or sound insulation earmuffs to protect our hearing

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