heatstroke prevention tips to help you spend “barbecue day”

When the sun shines in the sky, it still smiles at me. 1t’s hot that day. For a long time, it’s like crossing the flame mountain

1’ve confirmed my eyes. 1t’s a hot day

the one who beat us is not naive,

it’s naive fever

however, Xiaobian has come up with some key points for heatstroke prevention recently,

now let me tell you in secret that you must remember to use them in time< (1) folding fan, fan, towel and other daily cooling A1DS (2) essential balm, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, Rendan, floral water and other heatstroke drugs (3) mung bean soup, salt boiled water and other cool drinks the common vegetables for heatstroke prevention are: cucumber, balsam pear, wax gourd, luffa and tomato. All of these have the function of clearing heat and removing fire common fruits for heatstroke prevention common fruits with significant heatstroke prevention function are watermelon, strawberry, peach, pear and melon. But iced watermelon is not suitable to eat, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach< (1) it is not suitable to wash feet with cold water the sweat glands on the soles of the feet are relatively developed. 1n hot weather, if you wash your feet with cold water, the pores of the feet will close suddenly when you get cold suddenly. over a long period of time, it will cause the dysfunction of perspiration, which may induce acrosmal arteriospasm, erythematous acrodynia, arthritis and rheumatism (2) it is not suitable to take a cold bath when you are sweating just after work or exercise in summer, the human body is still in a state of vigorous metabolism, increased heat production and skin vasodilation, if you take a cold bath immediately at this time, it will increase the burden on the heart, at the same time, it is easy to get a cold or cause gastrointestinal spasm, and may also cause cramps< (1) ensure adequate drinking water, wear appropriate clothes, and try to choose moisture absorption, sweat drainage and breathable fabrics (2) you can take a parasol when you go out, and the head is suitable to wear an anti ultraviolet hat with a certain width for outdoor workers, it is recommended to install a high warning breathable cap cover on the safety helmet to ensure safety and prevent sunstroke

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