Hebei Chengde construction site safety helmet many hidden dangers

for the safety helmet, people generally pay attention to whether the workers wear it, but few people pay attention to its service life. Recently, Chengde quality supervision department found that the safety helmet used in construction site is not very safe when inspecting the safety helmet used in construction site

recently, the law enforcement officers of Chengde County Bureau of Quality Supervision inspected the safety helmets used in construction sites in the county. The results showed that most of the safety helmets worn by construction workers on construction sites did not have CCC compulsory certification, and some had even worn them for many years. Law enforcement officers made a deal on the spot and reminded everyone to use qualified safety supplies

the staff of the quality supervision department told the reporter that in order to save costs or the management is not standardized, some units did not rotate or inspect the distribution of labor protection articles in strict accordance with the product life cycle. According to the national compulsory standard gb2811, the longest service life of plastic safety helmet is 3 years, and that of FRP safety helmet i2.5 years. After the expiry date, the user must go to the relevant departments for spot check and test, and can continue to use after passing the test, otherwise the batch of safety helmets will be scrapped

in the morning of Augus2, the reporter visited several construction sites in Chengde City, and none of the 11 construction workers interviewed knew the shelf life of safety helmets. The workers told reporters that most of them do not have fixed safety helmets. They just take one and go when they use it, and the safety helmets are not marked with shelf life and other information. 1t is difficult to know whether the safety helmets have expired. Generally, a safety helmet will be used until it is damaged

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