Heilongjiang fire prevention and control work

1n order to improve the ability and level of fire prevention and control in an all-round way, and prevent and contain serious fires, especially mass casualties, Heilongjiang provincial fire brigade insists on treating both the symptoms and the root causes and comprehensive treatment, starting from finding out the basic situation, strengthening treatment and publicity, so as to do a solid job in the current fire prevention and control work

strengthen investigation and find out the bottom line. 1n order to further analyze, study and judge the situation of fire protection work, and provide important reference materials for the compilation of fire protection planning, formulation of laws and standards, development of fire protection forces, and development of fire protection publicity, the headquarters made statistics on the basic data of fire protection supervision and management work in the whole province. With a highly responsible attitude towards fire protection, all branches and brigades should do a good job in reporting basic data statistics of fire supervision and management. All localities shall organize special personnel to check and proofread the basic data of fire supervision and management one by one, and timely correct the wrong reports to ensure the accuracy of the data

comprehensive investigation and improvement. The provincial public security department has successively deployed the No.2 special action of fire safety investigation and rectification focusing on hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, welfare homes and other places, and the No.3 special action of fire safety normalization investigation and rectification focusing on grain storage places, material warehouses, storage yards, material distribution activity places, large logistics centers and rural fire companies. The fire brigade deployed and carried out the provincial special action of centralized rectification of prominent fire safety problems. According to the principles of “where you don’t feel at ease, check where you are” and “what problems are prominent, solve what problems”, the fire brigade focused on the comprehensive investigation and rectification of existing illegal buildings, urban-rural fringe, shantytowns, shopping malls, high-rise and underground buildings and other concentrated areas, The fire brigade shall timely conduct thorough investigation and covert visits on the rectification situation in various places, regularly report the work situation, and implement interview and supervision in areas where the progress is slow and the work is not implemented

broaden channels and strengthen publicity. While promoting fire safety education in schools and kindergartens at all levels, all localities should make full use of radio, television, 1nternet, newspapers and other news media to strengthen the publicity and reporting of special actions, Regularly organize media reporters to track and report the hidden danger investigation and rectification, and expose major fire hazards. At the same time, make full use of outdoor video, building TV, electronic display screen to broadcast fire public service ads and safety tips. Coordinate local radio, television and other media to broadcast fire knowledge, subtitles and public service advertisements. Widely mobilize the masses through the “96119” hotline to report and complain about fire hazards around

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