Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of safety supervision: “physical examination” for labor protection articles

starting from April 1, Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of safety supervision will, together with relevant departments, carry out special supervision and inspection on the safety of labor protection articles in the whole province, strictly investigate and deal with illegal activities in the production, sale and use of labor protection articles, and safeguard the health and life safety of workers

this inspection focused on coal mine, metal and non-metal mine, petrochemical industry, construction, metallurgy, manufacturing and processing and other key industries with occupational hazards. 1t is mainly to check the implementation of national safety production industry standards for special personal protection and special labor protection articles such as safety helmet, safety belt, safety net and self rescuer in coal mine, and whether the production and business units have funds for labor protection articles, etc, A random inspection and on-site inspection of products shall be conducted, and those who cut corners or use inferior materials or sell fake and shoddy products shall be given heavier punishment according to law

safety supervision departments at all levels and relevant units will investigate and deal with the production, sale and use of inferior labor protection articles in a timely manner, order the units with problems to rectify within a time limit, and seriously deal with those with serious problems according to law

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