Henan actively undertakes the transfer of garment industry

recently, the 4th Council of the 2nd Henan Clothing 1ndustry Association and the provincial clothing industry working conference were held in Zhengzhou. At the meeting, the people’s governments of Erqi District, Huaiyang County, Yiyang County, art and Design College of Zhengzhou 1nstitute of light industry and other district and county (city) level people’s governments, industrial agglomeration areas, enterprises and institutions that have made positive contributions to the development of Henan clothing industry and had a far-reaching impact were awarded the “Henan Clothing 1ndustry Promotion Award” and presented awards on site< The meeting concluded that in the process of undertaking the transfer of coastal clothing industry to the central and western regions, Henan clothing industry association actively responded to the directive spirit of "big investment and big business" put forward by Henan provincial Party committee and provincial government, strengthened cooperation with Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other coastal industry organizations, and successively went to Nanyang, Huaiyang, Wuzhi, xunxian Tangyin, Sheqi, Huaxian and other places inspected the development of clothing industry, organized and led Tangyin County, Xingyang City, Xinzheng City, Huaiyang County, Yiyang County, Qi County, Wuzhi county to Qingdao and Guangdong to attract investment, and made substantial progress in promoting the transfer of coastal clothing industry to these counties. At present, more than 30 garment enterprises in Huaiyang county have been transferred and settled, and other regions have also introduced and implemented projects in varying degrees the work of Henan clothing industry association is strongly supported by China Textile 1ndustry Association and China clothing association, and leaders of China clothing association have been to Henan for many times to guide their work. 1n 2009, China Textile 1ndustry Association and China Clothing Association identified Xingyang city as a “trial area for undertaking clothing industry transfer”; Erqi District of Zhengzhou city was named as “China’s famous women’s trousers city” and Zhongyuan District as “China’s new textile and garment industry base”. Through a series of successful large-scale national activities jointly held by the industry and the government, the development status of Henan clothing has been established, such as the China clothing statistics conference held in Luoyang, the China Women’s pants Summit Forum held in Zhengzhou, the China Women’s pants design competition and the Henan Textile and clothing industry transfer conference in 2010, with the help of Henan Clothing 1ndustry Association, the national clothing industry working conference was held in Henan Province, which is of great significance to vigorously publicize Henan, promote the development of the industry, and promote investment promotion. 1t is also a great opportunity for the national clothing enterprises to work together for mutual benefit and win-win it is understood that in the process of actively undertaking the transfer of textile and garment industry, Henan’s garment industry has made great progress. 1t is understood that the main economic indicators of the clothing industry in Henan Province have maintained a high-speed growth of more than 25% since 2004, the industrial structure has been gradually improved, and the economic benefits and operation quality have been continuously improved, forming a cluster advantage. The scale of the industry is still growing. The rapid development of Henan’s clothing industry has effectively driven the development of related industries, stimulated economic growth, and made positive contributions to creating industrial advantages, optimizing economic structure, and increasing employment

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