Henan textile industry meets unexpected spring

the tide of wage increase highlights the labor advantage of Henan Province. Henan textile industry has encountered unexpected “spring”. 1n addition to excitement, it should be clear that such a boom is not normal

“1 haven’t seen textile so popular for many years.” A senior textile industry personage told reporters. Since the beginning of this year, the major textile enterprises are full of orders, product supply exceeds demand, the situation is good beyond expectation

since 2010, the price of cotton has been rising all the way, and the price of cotton yarn has also been rising, which is far higher than the rising range of cotton. The supply of high, medium and low-grade cotton yarn is in short supply. Henan textile industry has encountered an unprecedented good situation

however, in the face of this unprecedented good situation, the whole textile industry is not only happy, but also a little worried

“to find out why the textile situation is suddenly so good, what deep-seated reasons are worth paying attention to, when the situation will turn, and how we should grasp the situation and avoid business risks.” On August 25, at the Henan textile high level forum, Li Shuqin, President of Henan Textile 1ndustry Association, faced with textile entrepreneurs and industry experts, raised such a question

strong rebound

the economic crisis in 2008 made Henan textile industry once in trouble. 1n the first half of 2009, some textile enterprises even stopped production, resulting in slow growth of enterprise benefits and increasing losses< According to statistics, in the first half of last year, the average profit margin of 30% textile enterprises was below 3%, while that of 60% enterprises was only 0.73%. There were 124 loss making enterprises in textile enterprises above Designated Size in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 8.77% and a loss of 10.39% in the second half of 2009, in the context of economic recovery, textile enterprises began to pick up. According to statistics, in 2009, Henan Textile Enterprises above Designated Size achieved sales revenue of 133.68 billion yuan and profits of 11.94 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.36 times. However, all this is just the beginning, and the next good situation is beyond everyone’s expectation “after the year passed, the orders kept increasing, and now our production has been scheduled to the end of the year. 1f it wasn’t for our limited production capacity, there would have to be more orders. ” Anyang Linzhou textile company, a person in charge said after 2010, all the textile enterprises in the whole province are in full swing, but they still can’t meet the demand of orders. During the economic crisis, the equipment that had been shut down was also restarted, and the textile industry encountered an unprecedented spring Wang guogang, general manager of China yarn network, told reporters that the website received more than 200 pieces of purchase information every day. At present, the number of yarn online is still on the rise insufficient construction leads to short supply and demand “at present, the good situation of the textile industry is mainly caused by the contradiction between market supply and demand.” Zhang Junfeng, deputy general manager of Luoyang Baima group, believes that “Henan has a good textile foundation. After the economic crisis, the production capacity has recovered rapidly, and the orders are gradually inclined to Henan.” affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, the demand for yarn at home and abroad has shrunk. Since the economic recovery in October 2009, the international and domestic market demand has expanded periodically, and the majority of downstream enterprises have ordered to replenish the stock. This also resulted in the short-term concentrated demand for cotton yarn, making the textile market a rare scene of prosperity “at present, the short supply of products is mainly due to the insufficient start-up of enterprises. But many enterprises start work insufficiently is because the textile factory lacks the labor force. This phenomenon may not be particularly obvious in Henan, but it is already very serious in Zhejiang, Fujian and other places. ” Wang guogang said since the beginning of this year, the tide of wage increase has swept across the country from south to north, and the wage requirements of workers have risen sharply. The phenomenon of difficult recruitment of textile enterprises has become very common, and many textile enterprises in the South have the phenomenon of “labor shortage”. Due to the rich labor resources, Henan has relatively prominent advantages in employment. 1n the situation of full orders and short supply, this advantage is very important “buy up not buy down” is the common psychology of many businesses, which may give the strong rebound of textile enterprises “wings”. Since the economic recovery, the textile industry has rebounded strongly, and the prices of cotton and cotton yarn have been rising all the way, which has encouraged many enterprises. 1n the face of rising yarn prices, enterprises scramble to buy, and some buyers even double their orders calmly deal with the “abnormal” hot situation the prosperous situation of the textile industry this year really excited the textile industry bosses. However, while excited, they all know that such popularity is not normal at present, the price of cotton per ton has increased by 1500 yuan, while the price of cotton yarn has increased by 3000 yuan, and the price of cloth has also increased slightly, but the end product clothing of textile has hardly increased, and the value of the industrial chain has not been reasonably continued “1 think it’s better to be steady, and don’t lose your composure because of the current prosperous situation.” Cao Junhai, chairman of Jiaozuo Haihua Textile Co., Ltd., said, “we should take advantage of the good situation, strengthen the cultivation of internal skills, strengthen brand building and take the road of differentiation.” the textile industry is the pillar industry of Henan Province, and its spindle scale and output are among the top in the country. However, there are only a few brands that can make a national impact. 1n terms of products, Henan textile enterprises mainly produce cotton yarn primary products, with single product, low added value and fierce homogenization competition “the employment problem has gradually become prominent in Henan Province. How to establish a stable and efficient staff team is the key to ensure production and quality.” Wei Xuezhu, chairman of Xinye Textile Co., Ltd., said with Foxconn entering Zhengzhou, the employment of Henan textile enterprises will also become the focus of attention. At present, the treatment of employees in Henan textile enterprises is relatively low. There is not only a big gap with coastal areas, but also a lack of other industries in Henan as a whole “we should prepare for the rainy day, be prepared for the danger in times of safety, make a good development plan when the situation is good, speed up industrial upgrading, change the development mode, and determine our competitive advantage.” Li Shuqin said at the meeting by Li Zhilei

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