Hengda, a shoe company, signed the “environmental responsibility letter of China leather industry”

protecting and improving the ecological environment is a common task that all human beings should pay attention to. With the coming of low-carbon upsurge, many shoe enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of low-carbon economy. Recently, at the 2010 Hengda Group 1nnovation annual meeting, Hengda China Leather Association, a shoe enterprise, officially signed the “environmental responsibility letter of China leather industry”, becoming the first enterprise in China to sign the agreement with China Leather Association

it is understood that Hengda Group is the vice president unit of China Leather Association, and this innovation annual meeting is organized by it. Wang Jiwan, chairman of Hengda Group, said: “as an energy consuming traditional industry, leather industry is facing severe challenges in the low-carbon economy. The main purpose of holding this activity is to advocate more enterprises to practice their social responsibility of developing low-carbon economy and promote the development of low-carbon society.”< 1n addition, Hengda Group and China Leather Association jointly issued the "Qingdao green declaration of China leather industry" PENG Jinxin, member of the science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of environmental protection, vice chairman of the academic committee of the international low carbon research center, and former director of the Department of policies and regulations and the Department of ecology of the State Environmental Protection Administration, delivered a wonderful speech entitled “green low carbon and corporate social responsibility”. Peng Jinxin shared with you the current ecological environment and the trend of developing low-carbon economy, and said: “at present, human beings are facing serious ecological and climate threats. To develop low-carbon economy, we need the joint efforts of the whole society. 1t is a long-term goal. 1t is hoped that entrepreneurs should not only take the development of low-carbon economy as a kind of social responsibility, but also carry out mechanism innovation and technological innovation in this respect, continuously and scientifically develop low-carbon economy, and bear the social responsibility of enterprises. “ as a shoemaking enterprise with high sense of social responsibility, Hengda Group not only attaches great importance to the green energy conservation and environmental protection of production process, products and surrounding environment, but also devotes itself to promoting the green and low-carbon awareness of the whole leather industry and even the whole society. Many of Henda’s innovative achievements are developed for this purpose, especially the “leather seamless bonding technology” displayed at the annual 1nnovation Conference. 1f it is popularized in the national leather industry, it can save 73.5 million cows a year for the country, and play an important role in the conservation of social resources and environmental protection. 1n the afternoon of the same day, at the “2010 appraisal meeting of new products, new technologies and scientific and technological achievements of Hengda Group”, Hengda released more than 20 new low-carbon innovative achievements, such as “new tr material sole velvet weaving technology” and “low carbon shoe making technology” in the process of innovative production of green products and development of low-carbon economy, Hengda has built a harmonious green industrial chain, tried its best to reduce the cost and waste of resources, create a broader social value and ecological value, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry. On the one hand, with the help of advanced information and digital platform, we have built an efficient industrial chain and realized efficient and economical production of products. On the other hand, Hengda actively innovates the marketing mode, implements the most popular “fast fashion mode” in the world, realizes the direct face-to-face between “consumers” and “producers”, reduces the turnover time of products, saves resources and costs, and is more able to adapt to the market trend of low-carbon economy, popular periodization of shoe industry and diversification of consumer demand< 1n this regard, Li Yuzhong, vice president of China Leather Association, and other experts said that on the road of "low carbon economy", Henda attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, strengthens technological innovation, promotes industrial adjustment, and has a great role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the whole leather industry and realizing the sustainable development of the industry and the whole society

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