Hengtian heavy industry Zhengzhou Hongda non woven fabric production and marketing

this year, with the recovery of China’s macro-economic situation, the demand for medical protective clothing and other medical supplies by medical and disease control institutions has increased greatly, which has also stimulated the market demand for non-woven fabrics of Hengtian heavy industry Zhengzhou Hongda nonwoven company. Hao Hongtao, the company’s deputy general manager, said: “after the Spring Festival, we have full capacity production, and the daily output of 15 tons is still in short supply.”

recently, the reporter saw this spunbonded non-woven production line at the production site of the company. 1t takes only 5 minutes from polypropylene raw material input to dissolution and spinning, from mesh laying to hot rolling and winding, from drying and setting to finished product offline. 1ts production efficiency is amazing

“with continuous production, 90 kg of 3.2 m wide non-woven fabric can be produced in 8 minutes. The annual output will reach 5000 tons. ” Hao Hongtao said that this set of equipment was developed and produced by Hengtian heavy industry (formerly Zhengzhou Textile Machinery) six years ago. Among them, the rolling mill adopts the technology of German kusters company, and the combined hot rolling and spunbond equipment of winding machine is imported from German LeiFen technology; The equipment adopts the technology of whole drawing, filament direct net laying, hot rolling cloth forming and double die head production, with the production speed up to 180 m / min. The thickness and color of non-woven fabric can be set according to customers’ requirements. Now the non-woven fabric equipment produced by Hengtian heavy industry is more advanced, but the price is half cheaper than before. There are more than 10 sets of this equipment exported to 1ndia alone

this kind of PP spunbonded non-woven fabric has the characteristics of air permeability, softness, anti ultraviolet, antibacterial, environmental protection, etc., which is suitable for medical and health materials, masks, surgical clothes, isolation clothes, hospital bed supplies and handbags, hotel supplies, decorative cloth, leather base cloth, automobile decoration materials, etc

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