Hexi community distributes work clothes to cleaners

A few days ago, 610 community cleaners in Hexi District received a new year’s gift – uniform. This Spring Festival, community cleaners in Hexi District will take up their posts with a new look and image. This is the first time that the city has issued uniform to community cleaners. Aunt Li, the cleaner, said while trying it on, 1’m so fat that 1 can’t buy suitable clothes on weekdays. 1 didn’t expect that the “private custom” work clothes are so generous and fit

compared with sanitation workers, community cleaners do not wear uniform, which is incompatible with urban development. 1n order to solve the problems of nonstandard dressing and poor image of cleaners, last year, the city appearance and Garden Committee of Hexi District actively raised funds and invited garment manufacturers to tailor clothes for each cleaner in each street community, For 610 community cleaners in the District, two sets of work uniforms were made for each

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