-Hey, Delta’s Rainbow shoes- 1t’s your rainbow shoes!

Where can 1 find rainbow shoes

you might as well go to its birthplace first

in 1977, in Provence, France, this dreamland with picturesque scenery, purple rendering and strong lavender fragrance, delta group came into being. 1n just 40 years, Delta has become a world-class PPE design and manufacturing enterprise from a humble glove dealer. 1t was listed on the Paris Stock Market in 1999 and successfully entered China in 2002

adhering to the concept of “global protection, local service”, delta provides personal protective equipment from head to toe one-stop service for more than 10000 customers

as the leading product type, foot protection

delta safety shoes

carry more effort and energy

condense infinite wisdom and inspiration

witness the growth and glory all the way

in 1900, safety shoes began to take shape, one-piece shape and rough finished products. After 50 years of development, shoes tend to be complete

the safety shoes of 1950 have distinct uppers and soles. With the design of shoelace holes, the materials are better

in 1980, the quality of safety shoes was improved in an all-round way, the shape and materials were more refined, the design of the shoe mouth was comfortable and humanized, and the whole was infinitely close to perfection

nowadays, more innovative and fashionable elements are injected into the production and design of safety shoes, which can be described as continuous improvement. No matter in the safety, comfort, beauty, cost performance, and even maverick, has been a comprehensive development. Delta’s Rainbow shoes, in this increasingly competitive environment, break through a road of their own

Rimini rainbow shoes

born, grown and mature

until now, it’s a household name

it’s not achieved overnight

it’s well-established, it’s lasting

look! We’re in the right place

Yes, it can’t be better

hey, there are a lot of delta rainbow shoes here


is your rainbow shoes

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