high altitude accidents occur frequently in summer. How important is it to choose high-quality safety rope

[news event] on May 28, 2017, a man who was installing an air conditioner in a community in Fuzhou fell from a building because he didn’t use a safety rope

on Jun5, 2017, an air conditioner installation worker accidentally fell from the third floor when installing the external unit of the air conditioner in Meishan living area of Nanjing due to loosening the safety buckle

on June 29, 2017, a young air conditioning fitter in jialvmingyuan, Xihu District, Hangzhou fell from a high-rise building due to a broken safety rope

after summer, the number of high-altitude falling accidents caused by the installation of air conditioners in various places has increased significantly. Among the reasons for the accidents, one part is that no safety measures have been selected, and the other part is that unqualified safety ropes have been used. High altitude accidents occur frequently in summer, so the importance of choosing a high-quality safety rope is self-evident

air conditioning installers belong to high-risk industries, with strong seasonality and high mobility. They often do not have clear labor relations. Once an accident occurs, many of them will encounter difficulties in claiming compensation. Some people in the industry believe that in addition to the workers themselves should have enough safety awareness, but also with the cooperation of employers and air conditioning owners

Yang Bo, President of home appliance branch of Guangxi Marketing Association, said that at present, there is no specific standard for overhead work fee and operation process. Air conditioning installation workers are the most dangerous occupation in the whole home appliance industry, and they earn “hard-earned money”. He called on the relevant departments to introduce the charging standards and operation process standards of the air-conditioning installation industry as soon as possible. He hoped that the majority of consumers would understand more about the air-conditioning installation workers. The installation of air-conditioning is very difficult and dangerous. When workers install air-conditioning, they should not be urged or put more psychological pressure on them

as early as 20 years ago, when the labor protection production industry rose, Langfang Jiangang took the lead in obtaining the national authoritative certification for the production of high-rise building cleaning and protective equipment in the industry, and is famous in the north and south of China for its excellent equipment, advanced technology, first-class quality and perfect service. 1n recent years, Jiangang has increased R & D and production efforts in the field of safety and fall prevention. 1t takes the establishment of new national standards for fall prevention products as its mission, and has successively provided safety and fall prevention products for many well-known enterprises

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