High altitude deicing with insulating gloves in a power supply station in Wuhan

Yesterday, the members of the overhead team of the power supply station of Wuhan tram company were always on the alert. 1n this kind of weather, they were most afraid that the tram line network would freeze or be crushed by messy branches, which would affect people’s normal travel by tram< At 2:30 p.m., Li Tianlu, Cheng Jinhong and Xiao Difeng, the stringers in the tram power supply station of Zhongbei road in Wuchang, boarded the stringing car and went to the street to inspect the line network. The reporter accompanied them. The car drove along Zhongbei road and Wuluo road to the Yangtze River Bridge and guqintai. Along the way, the eyes of the three stringers only focused on the wire network, not the scenery or the excitement. 1f they found ice on the wire, they should knock it off immediately; 1f you find that the branch has pressed the wire, you should immediately inform the garden department to solve it... when you get to guqintai, Master Li finds that there is a broken porcelain vase for insulation, which leads to the crooked lifting lug. 1f you don’t repair it in time, the tram will easily lose its “braid” when it passes by. The stringer stopped under the fault line network, and three masters climbed up to the open-air lifting platform, rose to an altitude of 5 meters, and began to repair it. The lifting platform is only two or three square meters large. 1n order to insulate, it is made of wood and piled with many tools and spare parts. The reporter stood beside the master, hands and feet blowing cold, the air temperature is lower than the ground, the wind is bigger than the ground, the small wooden lifting platform is even shaking, the masters are totally ignored. Master Li said: “what is this? 1f you knock ice on the Yangtze River Bridge in the early morning, it will be colder and more dangerous! 1f it rains and snows, and the wires get wet, even if you work with insulating gloves, you will feel numb all over, like an ant crawling Wang Yongge, deputy director of the tram power supply station, said: “in the north, there is so much snow, but the tram network does not need to knock ice. Because the climate is dry, the snow is scattered, and the braid will drop as soon as it is dragged, while Wuhan is wet and cold, so the ice knocking of trams is also a unique phenomenon in Wuhan.” copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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