High risk work should be well protected and concentrated

a finger thick steel bar suddenly fell from the height of the 5th floor and was inserted into the back of a 47 year old man Wang Jianghua (pseudonym) who was working downstairs. 1n a critical situation, the worker and the steel bar were sent to Changsha Central Hospital for emergency treatment. After an emergency operation overnight, the steel bar was finally removed

“this time 1 went to the gate of death, but 1 survived…” on Jun3, in the thoracic surgery intensive care unit of Changsha Central Hospital, Wang Jianghua, who had finished the operation, opened his eyes difficultly. Recalling the scene of being “worn” by steel bars, he still has a lingering fear

Wang Jianghua, 47, is from Sangzhi, Hunan Province. He works at a construction site in Changsha. At about 20:00 on May 30, he was working downstairs. Unexpectedly, a finger thick steel bar “fell from the sky” on the fifth floor and inserted directly into his back. Seeing this, the workers quickly called an ambulance and sent Wang Jianghua and his staff to Changsha Central Hospital for treatment

“when the patient was admitted to hospital, we conducted a detailed examination and found that the steel bar was inserted into his body about 12-13cm, and there were muscle contusion and laceration in his back, spinal nerve, adrenal gland and other injuries. We can not rule out the possibility of visceral injuries.” According to Xiao Bowen, a thoracic surgeon at Changsha Central Hospital, the hospital quickly organized consultation among experts in thoracic surgery, Urology, and spine surgery to discuss the rescue plan. After making full preparations, the hospital immediately carried out an emergency operation on Wang Jianghua. After more than four hours of life and death rescue, the doctor took out nearly a meter long steel bar, and then the patient was sent to the thoracic surgery intensive care unit for observation and treatment. At present, Wang Jianghua’s recovery is good, but considering his spinal nerve injury, he may need to do rehabilitation exercise later

“during this period, the number of patients with similar accidental injuries admitted to hospitals has increased significantly, which is related to people’s fatigue in this season. From the perspective of clinical treatment, machine operators, construction workers and drivers are the high risk groups of accidental injuries. ” Dr. Xiao Bowen reminded that when people are engaged in more dangerous work, they should ensure a high degree of concentration, wear safety helmets and warning clothes, and do not work immediately when drinking or taking cold medicine, so as to avoid accidental injury; Due to the high temperature in summer in Changsha, when working at noon or in the evening, the public can have a proper rest to relieve fatigue and ensure a good working condition; At ordinary times, citizens should strengthen physical exercise and take more outdoor activities such as walking, jogging and outing. 1n addition, don’t overeat three meals a day. 1f you eat too much at one time, your stomach will expand too much, and you will easily feel sleepy and your vigilance will drop

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