High strength and wear resistant special yarn accepted by experts

recently, the “high strength and high wear resistance special yarn” developed by Zhejiang Chunjiang textile company has passed the acceptance of Zhejiang textile industry experts< According to the review, the project has great innovation in spinning technology, and the developed products have reached the technical indicators of provincial key high-tech product development project, which has industrialization benefits. Chunjiang textile company has been committed to continuous innovation in technology research and development for a long time. High strength and high wear-resistant special yarn is a new product put into research and development by the company at the end of 2007. The product was listed in the key high-tech product development project of Zhejiang Province in 2008. After the product development, it was designated by the PLA General Logistics Department to produce 2007 military training clothes. As of 2009, the company has produced and sold more than 8000 tons of this product, with sales revenue of 180 million yuan and profits tax of more than 26 million yuan. The economic and social benefits are remarkable

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