high tech anti haze masks on sale in Sweden

On December 1, airinum company of Sweden launched a high-tech anti haze mask to the world, which can filter harmful substances in PM2.5 up to 99%. Not only that, it also successfully integrates functionality, comfort and fashion appearance. According to official sources, airinum will launch its first limited sale of 1000 in China on December 8

different from other anti pollution masks, airinum mask has a double-layer design, the inner liner is composed of three layers of filter screen, which can be replaced at any time. The appearance is carefully designed by famous Nordic designers, with a unique double breathing valve and adjustable ear band, which provides reliable protection and gives consideration to fashion and beauty

the original idea of airinum came from the life experience of its founder Alexander in 1ndia. 1n the first month of Alexander’s first visit to 1ndia in 2014, his asthma, which had disappeared for many years, suddenly recurred because of air pollution. He tried to find a mask that could really play a protective role. However, he found that the masks on the market did not really play a role in preventing pollution, and they were rough and uncomfortable to wear. Alexander is determined to develop and design an unprecedented mask, which can really protect and wear comfortably

Alexander wants everyone to breathe pure air. Driven by this idea, he found one of the world’s top filtering companies and famous fashion designers in northern Europe. After repeated testing, design and adjustment, airinum masks were finally born

since airinum was officially listed in the world on December 1, it has received good feedback abroad. From the user’s evaluation, airinum is the mask they really want, no matter in terms of function, comfort or appearance design

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